Magic in RLDR makes use of runes, runes can be of three types: blood magic,energy magic, and much much rarer Misery magic.

The runes are applied to items and are capable of doing basic spells, the items in turn are used to channel the energy into casting the spell defined by the rune or runes applied to the item and what order they are in. The idea is that you apply multiple runes to “Magical Instruments” to cast more complex spells for greater costs and to create your own custom spells Magical instruments are cyan colored in your inventory. But any item that isn’t a “Magical Instrument” can hold a single rune and so even basic items can have simple spells applied to them. (I apologize for the quality of the screenshots, i’m strapped for time)



Of course with each type of rune the energy is retrieved in a  different way, the most common magic (light magic/elemental) runes ,use the caloric energy inside of the caster themselves (it costs hunger), the blood magic has the caster choose a :”tap location” which will eat away the hp of nearby creatures or monsters (including the caster themselves) in order to cast, misery magic makes use of Misery, which in my universe is a physical manifestation of suffering symbolized by a bright green gas, which wofts off of creatures that are suffering. (Casting these will do misery damage to the caster).

Right now the runes that are in the game, with the exception of one rare one, and the one used by enemy necromancers. Are all light magic runes. You can cast spells by going through your inventory clicking the item, and then casting the rune applied to it.

Like this:


But you can also cast it directly from your rune bag, which has a list of every spell available to you, and can be controlled by keyboard or mouse.

Like This: (it is highlighted because my mouse is over it, prtscrn isn’t picking up my mouse)


Obviously i’m not going to tell you what all the runes are, but there are quite a few, and this spell, Song Of Fire is made from two runes, a Burn rune and a stun Rune.

Heres what happens when I cast it….


Thats a bit scary isnt it…

Of course, when you are casting a spell you can right click or press escape to cancel the cast, but if you cast the spell, and you don’t cancel and then you target an empty tile… the energy needs to go somewhere…


And that can have disastrous results…


Game on.