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August 2016

Progression is finally here!

So, I finally have full progression implemented. It took about a week (with a  couple days of playing stellaris, sorry) , but it is finally implemented.I still have some miscellaneous fun things I want to do, a name generator for... Continue Reading →

The Future Of The Game

After several days (had to have been at least 4, maybe more I didn't look back at old blog posts) of programming/procrastination/code cleanup/random feature adding to aid in procrastination I finally have the procedural item generator, and item spawning based on frequencies... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

I added an arena mode to make testing easier today, and that enabled me to fix a new bug that popped up. I am still working on the item gen code, I don't have a tremendous amount of freetime, but... Continue Reading →

The feel of the game

So, Roguelegends:Dark Realms (Or just Dark Realms, which is the short name) is a dark fantasy deterministic roguelike game.  A problem I have been having lately while working on it, is that it didn't "feel" like a dark fantasy game, in... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

So, I finally changed the twitter follow button on my website to bring you to an actual twitter follow page. I have also decided to become more active on twitter, see you there!   I Have been able to quickly... Continue Reading →

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