Roguelegends: Dark Realms , is a dark fantasy, cosmic horror, ascii  roguelike with an eternal darkness style sanity system and unique win conditions for each class.

It takes place in an evocative, lore-filled dark fantasy world, taking inspiration from games such as Ultima Ratio Regum, Dwarf Fortress, Overlord, the tabletop game Silent Legions, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

It is written in c++ with help from libtcod and is  still in development!


The focus of the game is on procedural mechanics and providing procedural exposition to go with it.

It includes Race and Class Selection

Most classes have unique win conditions (The plan to make every class have a unique win condition eventually not just most of them)


Also, choosing new character instead of new world in the main menu lets you play with multiple characters in the same dungeon!

It Also, Currently includes procedurally generated Vermin, Monsters, Items, dungeons, dungeon names,  and much more!


An interaction System!


Lore, books to read engravings to find, discoveries to be made!


It also has an experimental AI director that handles creating the levels/creatures/items you play with. So they shouldnt be too punishing or too easy.

A sanity system! Which can have effects on your character. Called “Manias”


A Fully featured deterministic tactical magic system that affects the environment (burning down doors, making daggers fly into people, slamming creatures into walls)


Detailed Character sheets where every skill has a use!


It also has a faction system, where if you are a member of a cult for example other members of that cult react differently to you.

Cultists to kill, horrible monsters to be eaten by and Much Much more!

The combat system is also completely deterministic, which results in a “board game feel”, to many players that you don’t often see in roguelike games.


Download Roguelegends: Dark Realms

It is also available on

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Windows, haven’t tested on linux using Wine or anything  , and a linux version is planned.

Roadmap (Not necessarily in order! and Only the big things listed!)

Cyan-Done Purple-Partially Done or Started


At Least 40 Runes

Mania System

At least 30 Manias

A Way to Actually win

Resolve Unresolved Story Conflict

Add Win Conditions for each class

More Varied Dungeons



Colour Out Of Space style Monsters/Trees


Mushroom Trees In Cave

Statue Realm

Cult Specific Layouts

Great Entities

This Includes cults associated to each

Ritual System

Ability to use summoning circles and ingredients/Actions to perform rituals that are given to you via lore texts

Make sure theres at least 30 possible rituals

Kelipah (Realms)

Exalandria Realm

Realmling Realm

New York Sewers Realm

Rysed Realm

Spaceship Realm

Story Kelipah

What am I currently working on in a general sense? (In order of priority)

Adding more realms and endings!