It is inspired by the concepts behind  the brilliant game : Ultima Ratio Regum, and Dwarf Fortress, with the dark fantasy nature inspired directly by the humorous dark fantasy game Overlord, also inspired by the works of HP lovecraft and the table top game “Silent Legions”.

It is written in c++ with help from libtcod and is  still in development!

The focus of the game is on procedural mechanics and providing procedural exposition to go with it.


It includes Many classes which you can select from in a cool little class selection screen.


Also, choosing new character instead of new world in the main menu lets you play with multiple characters in the same dungeon!

It Also, Currently includes procedurally generated Vermin, Monsters, Items, dungeons, dungeon names,  and much more!





An interaction System!




Lore, books to read engravings to find, discoveries to be made!




It also has an experimental AI director that handles creating the levels/creatures/items you play with. So they shouldnt be too punishing or too easy.


A sanity system! Which can have effects on your character. Called “Manias”




A Fully featured deterministic tactical magic system that affects the environment (burning down doors, making daggers fly into people, slamming creatures into walls)



Detailed Character sheets where every skill has a use!



Cultists to kill, horrible monsters to be eaten by and Much Much more!

The combat system is also completely deterministic, which results in a “board game feel”, to many players that you don’t often see in roguelike games.


Download Roguelegends: Dark Realms

It is also available on link

Support Development on Patreon if you want 🙂


Windows, haven’t tested on linux using Wine or anything  , and a linux version is planned.

Roadmap (Not necessarily in order! and Only the big things listed!)

Cyan-Done Purple-Partially Done or Started

  • Milestones:
  • (Subject to change!)
  • The Aesthetic
  •           Improving the Colors
  •           Other minor Tweaks
  •           UI tweaks
  •                    Game should be fully playable with mouse if players want that.
  •                    Game should be fully playable with keyboard.
  •           Adding music
  • Classes
  • Cultists, also as enemy NPC’s
    • Assassin
    • Librarian
    • Etc.
  • Spells specific to classes
  • Ability to choose class at beginning
  • Lore
    • Have a world built up based on realms
    • Readable Books
    • Engravings
    • Ability top find ancient artifacts
  • Combat
  •           Improving the monsters.
  •                    Acid/Lava trails.
  •                    More Varied AI
  •                    Adding more tactical options.
  •                    Reach, flying, shooting etc.
  •           Magic System
  •                    Tactics based, (for example pushing monsters a tile away),
  •                    Should be open ended and have many options.
  •                   Should have cost.
  •           Procedural humanoid enemies
  •                     With 2 syllable names.
  •                     Intelligent, can manipulate and equip items.
  • The Dungeon
  •           Dungeon Themes
  •                    Crypt, Forest etc.
  •                    Smarter procedural generation.
  •                    (A dungeon with a forest should have forest creatures etc.)
  •           Special rooms
  •                    Rooms filled with blood, rooms filled with corpses/skeletons, traps, story
  •                    situations   (ghosts asking for help etc)
  •           More story choice
  •                    Fountains (Should be like gambling)
  •           More exposition
  •                    (For example, each world has lost one intelligent species due to the
  •                     demon by the start of the game, should find ghosts of these)
  •           Tomes.
  •                      More ways of gathering info about the world.
  •      Randomly Chosen Extinct race
  •         Dwarf
  •         Elf
  •         Human
  •         Halfling
  •         Realmling
  • The Demons
  •           Demonic deals
  •                 Deals you can make with demons, demonic deals
  •                 will provide huge advantages for a large, permanent price.
  •                                 For example making a deal with a treasure imp may get you
  •                                 rich in the short-term, but the imp will magically take the
  •                                 majority of the gold you find for the rest of your characters
  •                                 life. Or your soul.Unless of course you get rid of the imp
  •                                 somehow.
  •           Lesser and greater demons
  •                  Lesser Demons:
  •                              Procedural (but class based) demons, that can make deals
  •                              with you.
  •                  Greater Demon, boss demons/ the antagonist .
  •                              Non-antagonist greater demons should also make deals, but
  •                              really   they just want to mess with you.
  •                  An active antagonist.
  •                              The demon should mess with you quite a bit.
  •                              Get violent after awhile.
  •                              Try to Trick you.
  • The Overworld
  •           A procedurally generated overworld.
  •           Towns (of surviving species).
  •           Active antagonist brought to world.
  •           Semi Persistent world .
  •                    (1 year max, each death will cost an in game week of time, maybe find
  •                     remnants  of old characters)
  • The Artifacts
  •           Artifacts
  •                   Realms associated to each artifact, based on elements. Some may be
  •                   terrifying.
  •                   Some may be uncomfortably happy, but they should keep the player on
  •                   edge.
  •           Realms Can Contain (and always do contain) at least one artifact.
  •                   Realms contain the artifacts the player will need to defeat the demon.
  •           Killing the antagonist demon can require one or many artifacts, some artifacts
  •           may be in pieces and have to be put together.
  • Stuff I’m not sure about
  •           Stealth
  •           “sound” as in monsters making sounds that show up as text pop ups in the log.

What am I currently working on in a general sense? (In order of priority)

Improving the dungeons!