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RLDR Version 0.2.2 Released


-Made more changes to prevent things from being placed on top of each other anymore, this should cover most cases! (This should make levels more interesting)

-Fixed a bug that caused many 1 tile closets to pop up.

-Added ability to win as wizard apprentice

–They have a very special win conditition

-Added riddles for apprentice

-Fixed several object placement bugs

-Fixed more issues with attack verbs

Download 0.2.2

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Kings Sea Released

I made a small game in unity over the weekend, its a game about fishes.

Kings Sea

Kings Sea is a simple arcade-style fish simulation game based on a very old game for the Apple II called “Odell Lake”. I made this in a single weekend in order to teach myself unity. 

You are presented with various encounters and have 5 actions you can take , you get the most points for the best action for each encounter for your fish. For example a Trout may encounter a worm and choose to eat it. Your goal is to survive as long as you possibly can and get the final encounter.

I may, if people want, add the ability to play as more kinds of fish. But this was in the end meant to be a very small and simple game. The game tracks your high score so you can play and try to beat your high score as-well.

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Mac Version

Linux Version

Windows Version Page

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Taste of a new project i’ve been working on!

Let me know what you think!

It will be awhile until this is actually finished, but i think its finally good enough to at least be shown a bit 🙂

I’ve been working on this for a couple months now in my free time alongside RLDR updates and such. All the pixel art is by me, the main menu and book art (and walking animation) is by my friend Grimwit and the music is by Disparition (I also have placeholder music by Grifffin Mcelroy which i will remove if they tell me to heh) I have also Commissioned music from Joseph (TRIBRVTE) Dedgjonaj. But haven’t gotten much back yet, but what they have done is great.

Don’t expect dev logs (outside of my Patreon, i post them there) but i will occasionally post teasers 🙂 .

Anyway, that’s what ive been up to, thanks for reading!

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Hey guys, quick update, i decided to release the old 7drl thats already in my downloads section (for like 6 years) on here to itch so that more people will try it, its really old but i think its worth playing for the art style alone.

In other news, new RLDR 0.2.0 build is ongoing and i probably should talk about the game Realmchild which i have also been working on at some point!

Anyway, that’s all for now. If you haven’t tried it i recommend you do try it .

Thanks for all the support guys!

RLDR Version Released


-You can now use keyboard to navigate the book UI

-Fixed a bunch of typos

-Added variable attack verbs (so a cat can pounce on you and such)

-Muted log and help buttons and log button is now green 

-Changed what it says when you pick up written works so its more readable and less awkward

-New possible dungeon name

-Other misc changes


Just a note folks you can comment on my posts. I almost never see those it would be awesome if i got some.

RLDR Version Released

I decided to experiment with a new method of story telling.


-Rogues now can win the game and have their own win condition and other stuff

-Rogues now have a far more fleshed out backstory

-Added 5 new manias

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RLDR Version Released

This has been sitting here all day ready to release but i had to work, just got off work so heres the release.


-Fixed exploit with characters that start with negative armor that has been in for ages

-Renamed most premade monsters except realmlings and shadow creatures

-Changed descriptions of some of the premade monsters slightly to be more vague and creepy

-Fixed typo in summon Mi-Ho Rune

-Fixed bug with manias

-Made manias happen slightly less often (i have had twice where i spiraled into insanity on the second level and that was way too much lol)

-Added new rune

-Fixed amnesia mania crash

Game should feel vaguely creepier now.


RLDR Version Released


-Made it think harder about where to place things (shouldnt get items in doors anymore and other similar weirdness)

-Made it so that events can happen every 600 or so turns to encourage you to get out of the level you are in

-Every section now has a cult themed level (up to section 5)

-Added hints for win conditions

-Made realmling realm slightly less deadly and more filled with treasure.

-Made stun runes able to stun vermin to make them safe to pick up and walk over.

-Fixed bug with enemies stopping you from running that shouldnt.

-Added new mania

-Player character now has a different symbol and color.


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RLDR Version Released


-There are now 5 new possible alternate endings, and 4 classes have class-based-endings

-Added important stuff.

-Increased special book spawn chance

Download Version

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