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So now that I have a little side project to work on aswell, its time to get back to the roguelike, I ran into some issues and failed to back up recently enough, so I lost all the code to way back to before I made it so creatures could split and such, not going to happen again, but its  a huge loss. Nothing I cant finish in time though.

Working on a 4X game.

So , I started prototyping a 4x game recently, the biggest problem is the AI part of it which is ..difficult.

Not Much to show for it so far besides some planetary maps, and i’m not an artist, so I wont bother posting them yet. I need to write code for effects and such as-well, i’m hoping to have nebulae that actually swirl around. All I have right now is some multicolored clouds that don’t swirl.

Its going okay, this doesn’t mean im going to stop working on the roguelike, but I feel like this little side-project will be fun so i will be working on that for the time being.

What have I been up to?

I recently updated the old Roguelegends download with a list of controls and some real basic info about the mechanics maybe more people will check it out. Sure it became unmanageable but it was a nifty little game.

Other then that I have done some updates to Roguelegends Dark Realms, have a decent antagonist name generator up. School has been busy so I haven’t had time to work on it as much as I would hope.


So, I went on a bit of a tangent.

In the last blog post I mentioned I might add special abilities to monsters, such as self replicating and splitting and higher speeds, well, I added that.


School has become very busy and I have a calculus exam coming up, so, while I did add several abilities  i didn’t add much else.

What have I been up to?

Since school started I have been focusing a-lot on school things, I have also been rather active on the dwarf fortress forums. I did a few bug fixes for the up and coming spacebase df9 unofficial patch 1.08.1 aswell.


In terms of roguelegends, I finally started working on the item generator, it is not currently ready, but I have many of the necessary structures in place, soon we will have randomly generated magic items alongside the already existing procedural monsters and procedural generated elemental vermin creatures, I have also added a few more variations to monsters to make them more interesting and I think I might give every “class” a special ability eg, slime like monsters might self replicate and giant rodents might move faster.

All in due time.


I have dinosaurs now aswell.

Spacebase hub

So, lately I’ve been putting a-lot of work into derelict game’s spacebase df9 unofficial patch when i’m not working on school things.

And those of you lucky enough to find this blog post and also be interested in space base df9 will be happy to hear that version 1.08 is coming soon. I myself have been rewriting how the weapon system is handled, and have also been working on maladies most of the time.

What are maladies? Well “maladies” are diseases, that is essentially what they are, though the game itself  has a much broader idea of what “Maladies” are they are essentially a superstructure used by the game to impose challenge on the player and alter the variables within the characters themselves, it handles everything from injuries to the plague to parasites and the “Thing”.

Among numerous other  (also big) things the patch features many new maladies and the removal of most of the df9 maladies, a minor injury system, and a weapons trade inside your base, people can now come to your base equipped with weapons, they will use these weapons to defend themselves from raiders and trade for items they like, they are also used to defend characters from the player if the player tries to, for example,  execute them for whatever reason, people also will use weapons when they tantrum, the result? A base where people are far less likely to be murdered by raiders, but also far more dangerous themselves, that should be fun.

I have also added many new weapons, and melee weapons are also now a thing. And it is very easy to add your own weapons and maladies now as-well.



A new post is coming soon, with tips for dealing with the new features.


School Starting Soon, and Unity.

School starts back up on Monday, which means I will no longer be posting as often, I will still try to post once a month, kind of like this.

I started using unity, did the rollaball tutorial and I can see myself using it in the future, Roguelegends: Dark Realms hasn’t seen much work done on it beyond what I have already posted, but its chugging along nicely. I added more enemy “types” and new effects creatures can have on them as-well. More on that, as usual, in time.

I am uploading another small project I did a long time ago to my downloads page, a Life Sim, that aims to simulate a very simple form of evolution. So that will be up soon. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy new years!

Wow, look at that, its 2016.

Happy New Years everyone!

What I’ve been up to this week has been just polishing some stuff I already added and adding a bit more variety. You can only equip one item of a certain type at a time now (so you can only have 1 sword instead of 20 equipped at a time) , before this you could just equip hundreds of swords at the same time, which was silly) This applies to all armor aswell, so only one “head” item only one “body” item only one “weapon” etc. I might add proper dual wielding some point though.

What is next?

Well what is coming next is either stealth (or distracting monsters) and more monster flags, or item generation, not sure which yet.

Equippables and rarities are working.

I have programmed in basic equippables , i do not randomly generate items yet (if you can’t tell by the armor named “test” armor)

I also do not do proper body covering calculations (right now they just grant defense bonuses to various attack types based on the piece and swords and stuff improve your power/attack based on the various elemental damage types.)

Eventually you will have to equip sets, eg a chestplate,helmet,armored pants, and shoes. And other stuff, like rings and amulets eventually.


CaptureDid i mention my game also has full mouse control?

You just click on items in your inventory and the action to do interactions.


You will also notice i can “consume” my fire sword, obviously horrible things happen when you try to swallow swords,  that just happened because of how I coded my inventory items, it can handle pretty much any interaction. Including using non-weapons as weapons if you so desire with proper debuffs.


Happy roguelikeing:)


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