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RLDR: Status Report


Its been awhile!

Hello there! Yes its been awhile, this is mostly due to school being busy! I even had a job interview on monday!

But that doesn’t mean i haven’t been working on the game, especially this summer in fact, i have quite a bit done, and am getting very close to release!

I cant make a promise as to when release will be, as some problems turn out to be harder then you first expected oftentimes. Nonetheless, soon i will be releasing the new version.

So what have I done?

So, ill make a second blogpost detailing more changes, but heres the first round of changes.



Well, i’ve done quite¬† a bit, first off, we have a main menu now!

Main Menu

A Screenshot of the main menu

This menu, as with the rest of the game, can be controlled either through keyboard or the mouse.

New Character (1) Lets you create a new character but play with the same dungeon (same monsters, same section colors etc.) of course with new levels (Because the same levels wouldn’t be any fun, this is a roguelike after all)

New World (2) , generates a whole new dungeon, with new monsters and everything which you can continue with new characters.

Credits (3), simply names off people who have helped me develop the game (eg, radian2pi who drew the awesome main menu background).

Better UI!

Look at all those shiny new buttons.

The game can now be fully played using only your mouse if you wish, of course it can also be played fully with the keyboard, but usually i use a combo of both. You might also notice some new effects when looking at this image, yes tiles get darker the farther they are from you.

All skills are useful now!

There are many new skills, a handy character sheet, and all the skills mean something and do things, of course i’m not going to tell you what they all do but they are all used quite a bit, in fact.

I see we are a rogue this time. There are many classes now aswell with differnet starting loadouts and primary and secondary skills. As you can see rogues are quite swift and persuasive.

An interaction system!

There are many things to interact with, rolling inquiry on things, opening doors, kicking statues and doors searching bookshelves and much much more!

Kicking a door can actually save you by the way, because when things break, they fall backwards, onto things ūüėČ

Yes, there are fountains now aswell…

Ahh, yes fountains exist at the beginning of each new section, they are capable of many things including increasing your max hp, and granting you treasures. And they can spawn in other places as well.

Inspecting corpses… what happened here?

You can even find lore this way, and items, and capes, and other more horrific things you shouldn’t be seeing.

And many more things!

Sanity checks.

Next stop, Arkham asylum.


Note, i screwed up on pasting these screenshots, but you can see what i’m talking about.

Oh yeah you can summon those guys too.


There are numerous engravings you can find, most of them are generated based on what monsters exist in your world but you can find a lot of lore as well! And hooded figures worshiping forgotten alien gods.

And many more things!

Ill upload a new blog post next week with more changes! Do you guys like books, lore? Alternate realms? Yes I have those too!

Happy Rogue liking!

See you next week!


How does magic work?

Magic in RLDR makes use of runes, runes can be of three types: blood magic,energy magic, and much much rarer Misery magic.

The runes are applied to items and are capable of doing basic spells, the items in turn are used to channel the energy into casting the spell defined by the rune or runes applied to the item and what order they are in. The idea is that you apply multiple runes to “Magical Instruments” to cast more complex spells for greater costs and to create your own custom spells Magical instruments are cyan colored in your inventory. But any item that isn’t a “Magical Instrument” can hold a single rune and so even basic items can have simple spells applied to them. (I apologize for the quality of the screenshots, i’m strapped for time)



Of course with each type of rune the energy is retrieved in a ¬†different way, the most common magic (light magic/elemental) runes ,use the caloric energy inside of the caster themselves (it costs hunger), the blood magic has the caster choose a :”tap location” which will eat away the hp of nearby creatures or monsters (including the caster themselves) in order to cast, misery magic makes use of Misery, which in my universe is a physical manifestation of suffering symbolized by a bright green gas, which wofts off of creatures that are suffering. (Casting these will do misery damage to the caster).

Right now the runes that are in the game, with the exception of one rare one, and the one used by enemy necromancers. Are all light magic runes. You can cast spells by going through your inventory clicking the item, and then casting the rune applied to it.

Like this:


But you can also cast it directly from your rune bag, which has a list of every spell available to you, and can be controlled by keyboard or mouse.

Like This: (it is highlighted because my mouse is over it, prtscrn isn’t picking up my mouse)


Obviously i’m not going to tell you what all the runes are, but there are quite a few, and this spell, Song Of Fire is made from two runes, a Burn rune and a stun Rune.

Heres what happens when I cast it….


Thats a bit scary isnt it…

Of course, when you are casting a spell you can right click or press escape to cancel the cast, but if you cast the spell, and you don’t cancel and then you target an empty tile… the energy needs to go somewhere…


And that can have disastrous results…


Game on.

What have I been up to? Character Sheet Edition.

So its been about a month since my last blog post, sorry for the quiet, honestly i’ve been working over 50 hours a week AND developing my game so in my free time I have just been developing and not posting blog posts. But here’s a bit of ¬†a progress report.

I have added a character sheet, and the stats now actually effect stuff.


Swiftness is your speed, this makes it harder for “uncoordinated” monsters to hit you and it increases your chance of hitting monsters that are capable of dodging your attacks.

Concentration is your ability to pay attention to your surroundings and increases your max spell casting radius (If your coordination is over 50, it also increases your maximum field of view range in addition to allowing you to cast your spells in that range)

This rogue has 15 concentration, so they can cast spells on every single one of the 8 tiles adjacent to them (its 10 per tile, the extra 5 allows diagonal)


Inducement is your negotiation skill, and it is unused right now, it will be used in the demonic deals mechanic, also talking in general, it probably will still be unused when I release the new version in a week or two.

Tenacity is your ability to focus, and your ability to resist status effects from interacting with objects (eg, you have to roll a d100 every time you eat a rotten food item to see if you get food poisoning among many other things)

This rogue has low tenacity, but I have several starting situations it will randomly choose from when you start right now, and one of those starts can roll for more tenacity, assassins are also rather tenacious.

Example on our poor doomed rogue here:failedpoisonrollWell, looks like this poor rogue is going to die, we failed our poison roll.

(The rolling system used here is a simplified  d100 adaptation of the d20 rolling system from d&d, you want to roll, then add your skill (in our case our tenacity was 8) and you want that sum to be equal to or greater then your difficulty class, in this cast the DC was 90, so we very obviously failed that.



Lets continue, heres our new character by the way.


We are aan assassin this time, as you can see we have much higher tenacity, and it generated a special background for us, neat right.

Heres our spell casting radius, we are over 20 so we can cast a little farther then our previous character, but there is a reason for this, assassins start with a spell called “Assassins bind” which stuns the enemy and does 3 poison damage.



But lets finish our stats, We also have composure and misery, misery always starts at 0, but that is sort of an abstract representation that is both a sanity system, and how much influence the demon (the big antagonist) has over you, you will roll composure to see if you take misery damage once its implemented fully, but right now, like inducement misery and composure do nothing.

Anyway, lets move on, I have also added MANY new flags to the enemy generator so there is much more monster variety, I have improved the creature generator immeasurably, Added several new interesting unique starting situations it will randomly choose from which are kind of like a starting class for you,  and I have the magic system almost fully implemented. And I have added many new special rooms, and many new items to the game, and improved those generators aswell. We will talk about Magic, tomorrow. And yes, I will actually make a post tomorrow.

In the mean time, here is a new lore story for you, written by sour. Who is on the roguelike discord.

Have a good night!

I left home earlier today, as the day shortened. I stepped with my boots in too many puddles,
though the sky was only clouded today. Ten steps before I reached the mansion I nearly fell because
of a pavement crack. I unlocked the gate, pushed it, then closed it behind me.

I lost count of the lost nights and mornings I spent here. The lords here, quite a respectable family,
gave me much help with this work. I only have to ensure nothing on the ground around the house moves,
nothing big, nothing fancy.

JUMP - I got my foot caught in some sort of roots. I almost fell, again. Thick nonsense, all of this.
They take their plants too seriously - some weeks ago they brought in some foul fertilizer, the sacks
smelled like the poor Joan. A poor 7 year old who had his guts trampled by a horse. And before that they
got gallons of some red maize, but that smelled like boiled chicken, so my dinner was in place.

Step, after step, after step, and, again, after step...
It is not any of my business, I am just paid to guard, not to go rambling about herbs. But how, in the
name of God, can they stand the stench? Those two glove-wearing, black and red women, I hope they're women,
lords of this house, I cannot comprehend how stupid of a nose they must have. Do they enjoy the smell?

JUMP - How pleasant, I've got some of that steaming red shit on the bottom of my left boot. This thing
just doesn't come off, it's as if it was glued, and God, my poor nose. It feels putrid, it feels rotten,

I start galloping through the fermented garden, at least I am not feeling it on my boot anymore...
It darkened so quick today too, and the Moon decided to go away too, and I wasn't allowed to carry any
candle with me... 

I feel the blob falling off of my boot, as if pulled. I hear, in the distance, a crow. I see, too close
to me, sparkles going up from the dry dirt. Step, after step, after step, I am now on top of it, and it
collapses. Around me, only moving shadows.

A spark thunders through the pit, and I see only birds, featherless, birds. Birds with eyes gauged out
just enough to have their eyes outside their skull, but still attached to it. My nose is bleeding, but
it is bleeding upwards. Looking at their bodies, I can see that they have been opened, and, moving my 
head lower and lower, I can see where their insides are. 

This pit goes for a long way, left and right. I see the roots of the plants, absorbing as if through 
ghastly hands, the blood dripping from the skulls that are rambling on the ground, as a morbid piece 
of flesh. I feel my eyes, my head, more and more heavy. I feel like vomiting, and I do. And I fall all

Jump, I want to jump out. This is not my place. This is not their place either. Tic, tac, tic, tac,
it never ends. But I am thankful that it all went red, then black.

The Carriage Of Lost Things

The Carriage Of Lost Things


From the Diary of an unknown adventurer…

I haven’t told anybody about this, as remembering it hurts my head…

Oh diary, oh why couldn’t ¬†we have just walked away from this horrible thing, the memory of it leaves a hollow hole in the pit of my stomach and I cant get my companions face out of my head… his pale…empty… face.

My late companion and I were searching for the fabled “Golden Epel” for our dear lord Nelrissa The White. The lord ordered us to find this magic fruit by any means necessary. Apparently it was important but…I don’t know much about it. I just find things, ¬†I don’t read about them or, ¬†look into them. Anything besides their location anyway….¬†

¬† ¬† As we were traveling through the Forest Of Puppeted Plants, there was a clearing…I think it was a clearing anyway… and as we entered it suddenly music started playing all around us….oh the music…such calming music…. coming from everywhere around us…there was a carriage….yes…a ¬†carriage I think. This carriage was in the middle of the clearing with a window on it, at first the window looked empty but as we approached it a strange old lady appeared in the window and I think she said “Hello Young Adventurer” to me..or was it to my companion…not that it really matters anymore. But that music, that music got louder, ¬†though it didn’t feel like it was coming from the¬†carriage. It was just coming from everywhere…such strange music…such a strange thing to describe to anyone who hasn’t heard it…

She faced towards me and asked “Are you looking for something lost young man?” as she leaned closer to me in a strange manner, I of course answered yes and explained to her what the Golden Epel looked like ¬†and that we needed it for our lord…I also backed away a little… ¬†She simply nodded her head and said “So you find things…I find things too, lost things, are you looking for something lost?” I of course answered yes, for it was lost in this very forest. She then…I think, though my memory is getting fuzzy as we speak…proceeded to say again that she “Finds lost things.”, and was “The Keeper Of Lost Things”, this struck me as strange, for though I had seen magic before and strange¬†witches in the woods… I had never seen or heard of any magic like this. So I did what any foolish adventurer would and I asked her “Can you find me the Golden Epel” …she smiled for a moment…such a strange smile…as though her teeth were amber…so yellow…so strange…ugh ….my head. And she pulled out a Golden Epel, “Is this what you seek young man?”….I knew what it looked like from sketches and this was it. I was sure of it! I answered “Yes!” excitedly and I asked her if I could have it.,.I think…and she just smiled again..and said “I will need something as payment…something that is valuable, powerful…something that can not be truly lost..only taken or bled out”…I think I was confused at this point…and my companion chimed in…”We have do you want gold?” The lady simply chuckled…such a horrible chuckle…”No young rogue…i have no need for money. ¬†People lose money all the time, I want blood, I want your blood!” and as I watched I heard a horrible noise…and the music…the music started fading…as my companion fell to the ground…pale…pale and dead…. and the item we sought… laying where the carriage used to be, the carriage gone. The lady gone…my companion…gone.¬†

There is a blood stain on the diary here…



Hey guys its Michael, I wrote this story as a way to supplement my games lore, if you liked it, it would be awesome if you shared it I am by no means the greatest writer ever, but hopefully this story was at least entertaining and a bit dark, as it should be, magic is going well, I just finished most of the runes I needed for the first pass on the magic system, now I just need to come up with a way to and write the UI for players to apply these runes to items.

I think i’m going to do more of these supplemental lore stories if you folks like it. Let me know in the comments, follow me on twitter @Untrustedlife and keep playing roguelikes! (Hopefully eventually mine ūüėõ ).

Bug fixes, Lore, magic and more.

Hey guys! Its been awhile. Like two months in fact.

Well, since school ended I have gotten a whole lot done, so sit back, grab a coffee and read this.

I have managed to, using some clever c++ debugging practices I picked up from stackoverflow, fix the majority of bugs in the game and I believe I have also fixed all the crashes. Which is not a small feat, it took several days of just debugging all morning.

I have completely reworked how throwing works to support diagonals, have logical contact places, and potions now explode and do area of affect stuff. You can also toss potions at your feat  for dire situations, like if you are surrounded by monsters that are resistant to fire and throwing a poison potion down at your feet.

There are more items in the game and these items include a new type of armor called a cloak which, like the staff (which does only elemental damage) defends from only elemental magic rather then from physical damage and is generated like other armor and weapons (getting more powerful each section) ¬†I have also added items, that show off lore a bit, and yes there is also now an actual mythos, which took me quite awhile to write out though its a bit scattered on my paper so it would be hard to condense into this blog post. But i’ll try to give you a basic idea,

Quick fundamental Lore Summarization

¬† ¬† The idea is that in this universe the gods are inactive, they created the multirealm, then they just stopped messing with it, they simply watch. They only reason they watch is because what goes on in this universe entertains them, somewhat like an uncaring child with an ant farm. If they get bored they destroy it or simply stop watching it and move onto watching another realm, and that is all they do. Each realm ¬†is created fundamentally from the same forces, because the gods used the same¬†kinds of magic to create the realms , these four forces are Misery magic (also known as suffering magic) , Elemental Magic, Blood Magic (The magic that powers life) and Light(Energy Magic) while the realms were created with the same magic, the manifestation of these forces is different in every realm, but in each realm they have some kind of innate power to them, even if it manifests weakly which it does sometimes (though it can also manifest as ¬†a very powerful force or a rather neutral force). in one realm misery might form as a crystal inside of suffering creatures and always has power, blood might have very little power but it always has¬†power.¬†It could say, light a light bulb. In the main realm¬†of¬†¬†Dark Realms, Misery takes on the physical form of a bright green gas, and the demon (the antagonist ) uses this gas to draw its¬†power. Blood magic is a very powerful force and you can actually see the power coming from blood in the form of sparks/sparkles when it is exposed to air. Elemental magic takes on a ¬†more rudimentary/neutral role, it isn’t powerful enough to say, cast a fireball, without the help of other magic, but weapons and creatures and such can be imbued with these elemental powers they pick up from the environment/have applied to them directly. While Energy magic, costs literal calories¬†in creatures who can use it and must be cast through objects that amplify the magics power, in our universe that is Runes.

Of course the fact that the gods don’t really care what happens to their creations doesn’t mean the gods didn’t have forethought, and they created a couple special immortal beings to keep things in balance and to keep things interesting. However¬†since they never communicate with their creations these immortal beings might think they are actually gods or they may not even know they are immortal. Such is the case with “The Mind” who I will talk about in a different blogpost.

I also improved descriptions and made many QOL changes.

The game Auto-stutter steps when you are attacking a  creature with the mouse in either horizontal or vertical directions to save you from taking unnecessary hits.


It calls it charging, which is somewhat true, since it usually results in you completely annihilating your opponent (if they don’t have a major advantage) due to the way the game is balanced.

I have also improved descriptions immensely and made them much more disturbing, though there are still some small bugs with the way it parses that into the description box, ill have that fixed soon enough though.

(This is a bloated giant centipede with the face of a suffering elf attached to it. )


Some descriptions also hint at the deeper lore of the game.

Suffering Cyclops wolf.


A really screwed up 5 legged werewolf.


Theres also a huge load of other content I have added, which includes blessings and curses, magical slot machine style sprites/wisps, and hint-giving fairies and new possible types of monsters, and a load of other interactions and lore to discover.

Over the next couple days, i will finally be finishing up the implementation of runes. And I’ll get back to you guys when I have that done, though depending on the time it takes I may get another blogpost up before then explaining the lore more thoroughly.

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned, this site will be getting alot more active soon.

Edit, people were confused so:¬†(Note this version cannot be downloaded yet when I release it i’ll make a “release” post)

What have I been up to? Month-long-disappearance edition!

Well hello there, I haven’t posted ¬†a blog post in awhile! Well, this has mostly been due to school becoming more busy and the up and coming release of stellaris utopia among other things.

I am quite addicted to stellaris.



School doesn’t help either, I have had a few exams and a-lot of assignments to work on so my life over the past month has been a never ending cycle of :

work on assignment->play stellaris ->eat -> work on assignment play stellaris->eat and so on. Oh the struggle.

I have some good news though.

I have had time on weekends to work on¬†RLDR, of course I will never stop working on that. This current version is on its way to release, I have made many improvements and i’m excited to show those off to you guys but I have yet to finish the brain-destroying and rather complex magic system I had planned , but once thats in, I can release, and I have some other plans for that as-well.

The idea is that the player can combine ruins to get magical effects and apply them to items, some items may spawn with a spell already applied to them, and I figured out a great way of organizing that using a list of numbers that represent effects and have effects on each other and parsing those together by looping through them. More news on that to come, ill try not to have any more hiatus like this. But in the mean time you should all play Stellaris. Its one of the most interesting games I have ever played, so much so that I actually had a desire to work on mods for it, that hasn’t happened to me since dwarf fortress. The music is great too I guess. ūüėČ


The Utopia expansion for that game launches in only 3 days. That may negatively effect my productivity even more. Hopefully I have the self control to avoid that. I also have an exam on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Thanks for playing my game guys! Thank you for donating as well. I have had a couple donations over the past week, so I figured You guys deserve a thanks! Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me.

Well back to watching lets plays of stellaris utopia’s press version…. err I mean..studying for my exam. (while listening to them in the background of course).


What have I been up to?

So This blog post may be a bit dry, but sorting through it you may find some stuff you like.

I recently got sound working in the game, and I have also composed a dungeon delving theme (which took 6 hours by itself) and have implemented it into the game, but I also have much more gameplay content implemented, undead, non-op ethereal creatures, undead levels (dungeon levels that are themed around undead ūüėÄ ), more special rooms, buttons, the ability to now play entirely with the mouse if you so choose and understand the controls, which is awesome. So I like to think I got quite alot done.

Capture.PNGYou can listen to the song here:

Right now i’m working on improving the undead and adding new undead related AI (for example creatures that can raise corpses as zombies). And corpses are edible now for 25 food and water, so you will no longer always eventually starve or die of thirst, which is good. Still balancing that though.Capture2.PNG

After that is done, i’m going to go on to add some basic tactical magic, with a recently brainstormed magic system, which should be great when its done. Then it will be time for the next release and another surprise.

As always, you can catch me every other day or more doing development streams on my twitch channel, the most recent broadcast was me composing that song, among other things so it may be worth watching (Forewarning it was 5 hours long). You will also see gameplay on there of the in dev version game (and other games I stream occasionally, such as dwarf fortress).

Thanks for playing the game and thanks for reading!

More info soon.


You can download the most recently released version of the game here:



Weaknesses and Lairs

So this weekend I spent time working on new AI for the game, and making being ethereal actually mean something.

So, the first thing I will hit on today is what being ethereal now means in the context of the game.

It used to be that ethereal was just a cosmetic tag that changed the color of a creature to a bright cyan color, now, it grants them 100 defense, and a 25% dodge chance.

However, that would make them overpowered no? So now they also have a weakness to elemental damage, so they take an additional +2*Section# poison and fire damage when hit by one of those damage types so in order to kill an ethereal you have to use  a special elemental weapon or a staff, staffs work best against them since they hit for both poison and fire at the same time.capture

As you can see, weaknesses are signified with minus signs before the numbers because they are kind of like negative resistances. But that isn’t exactly how it works.


I also now have lair building ai, that seeks out walls and digs out lairs and drop items in them, the lairs can vary greatly between species, but heres one example.


Heres that creature’s description.


Heres another lair from a different species.


You can even catch them digging if you are lucky enough.

I think thats about all for today!


What have I been up to?

I have been back from my vacation for almost a week, and I am proud to report that I have started working on RLDR again, over the past couple days, I have implemented a way of keeping track of what faction a creature is in (eg a creature can be part of a group of creatures that don’t attack each other) and I can have over 200 of them if I need to, I have also implemented new AI that is “territorial” eg attacks anything that comes within 5 squares of it (including other monsters!), so that is the first of the numerous new AIs I need to add to improve the tactical aspect of the game, the next enemies I need to add should be able to shoot things, and then I need to add AI¬†that can patrol, and poison/magma trails and AI that can tunnel.. Then I need to add a way of dealing with those threats that is interesting and fun. I ill probably be implementing tactical magic soon as-well. Should be a fun month!

I have also started streaming way more often then I used to on my twitch channel I sometimes stream game development so be sure to check that out!

Also, remember to follow me on twitter if you want to be even more updated on current developments and other random things.

I had a good vacation as-well, had a lot of fun and was able to spend time with my family, so that was good!

I am also going back to my university in a couple days, ill still work on the game, but a lot of you probably understand that it may be hard to get an update out every day, hopefully every week is a good enough frequency. Thanks for playing! Tell your friends! And thank you for reading!


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