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Released Roguelegends: Dark Realms Version 0.1.82

Download Changes: -New: Added barrels, barrels can be broken, and pushed and sometimes they contain an item -New: Added a special room that is filled with barrels -New: Added a special room that is made up of two rooms. -Fixed:... Continue Reading →

Hotfixes for 0.1.81

There were some major bugs i accidentally overlooked, and those have now been fixed, ill update the blogpost i posted everywhere with this information.

Version 0.1.81 of Roguelegends Dark Realms Released

  Download RLDR Version 0.1.81 Changes: 30 July 2018 Updated to version 0.1.81 of RLDR Change log: -Fixed Bugs: Fixed bug with crushing punch that would kill the caster -Made descriptions more readable -Added misery Mushroom Note: since this post... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to? Post-four month hiatus version.

Hey guys its been awhile! (About four months to be exact) Lately I've been doing a internship at a wonderful company, so i haven't had time to work on the game much, however all good things must come to an... Continue Reading →

Future Plans – Extending Interactions and Making the Game More Fun

Hey folks! Its been a couple weeks since the last update so, im here to tell you whats up, whats coming next, and about what i've been up to. The release went well, a friend of mine Natch_Evil made a... Continue Reading →

Released version 0.1.8 of Roguelegends: Dark Realms

  Direct Download for 0.1.8 28 April 2018 Updated to version 0.1.8 of RLDR Change log: -Added: Game now adapts to your screens reolution, switching to a smaller font, when your screen size is less then a specifc screensize -New:... Continue Reading →

Post-release support

Im glad you guys all tried my game!   The most glaring issue you guys found was that on some computers the game is too big for your resolution, im working on a smaller resolution option because of that, release... Continue Reading →

New Version of RLDR released! AFTER TWO YEARS!

There are far too many changes to list (Two years worth) , but i described many of the new features on this page! I also updated the road map on that page! Immediate Download here via dropbox: Download RLDR... Continue Reading →

RLDR: Status Report

  Its been awhile! Hello there! Yes its been awhile, this is mostly due to school being busy! I even had a job interview on monday! But that doesn't mean i haven't been working on the game, especially this summer... Continue Reading →

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