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RLDR Version ‘Edgre’ Released

The public release of the new version of RLDR! With a completely rewritten and improved dungeon generator lots of proc gen fixes and a whole new dungeon branch! And a new win condition for the peasant class that even has voice acting!


–Added new Realm Jzq Edgre

-You can now win as peasant and you get a whole voice acted thing afterwards! (Feet. Painticus) See his youtube channel here:

–Made peasant start with randomized items and less misery and have given them more misery memories so they don’t have to roll composure as much

-Completely rewrote dungeon generator, it is much, much better and more interesting now

-Added many new special rooms

-Added paintings that have generated descriptions

-There are now better visual effects for when poisoned, on fire, or very miserable which should make it easier to tell when that is happening

-Character now changes base don how miserable you are like the doom guy

-Added new lore entries

-Fixed bug with realmling realm

-Fixed a huge amount of typos

-Creature generator now understands a/an

-Fixed bug with FOV-Added more types of sparkling hearts to the game

-You can not move when your inventory/descriptions are open anymore

-Fixed weird space issues with corpse generator

-You can now look at monster hp without mouse

-Fixed bug with squire

-Added full stops to many place slacking full stops

-Made stone lighter

-Added new food items

-Reduced enemy spawn rate on cult levels

-Made weight get displayed on most items

-Fixed crash with shadow world mania

-Fixed bug where fountain items would display incorrect stats

-Fixed some out of order damage messages

-Fixed a blood magic crash

-Fixed bug where AI would still run secondary AI component when stunned

-Added tongue

-Fix destroyed destroyed

-Added bats and pheasants


RLDR Version Released

This is not the second half of the cultist update, though it has some cult stuff in it
-Demon cult levels now have a lot more interesting items and such that can spawn, including Beakers O’ Misery
-Generated Weapons and Armors and Helmets and Darts now display their weight
-Fixed bug that prevented you from being able to extract blood from bottles o blood
-Improved rogue Win text
-Improved Librarian win text
-Improved cult win text
-Added new lore story
-Buffed fire opal bas reliefs
-Cultists no longer have to roll misery when summoning creatures associated with their cult
-Fixed bug with Dqelozcln bas reliefs
-Fixed bug with cult deco
-You can now hurt enemies by kicking down doors again
-Massively buffed Darts
-Fixed bug that added extra spaces to skeletons’ descriptions
-Fixed pearwood bug, reduced pearwood misery hit from encounters
-Slightly buffed chest pieces
-Pain sprites now give a new item
-Added new variant to a mania
-Fixed bug where creatures were composed of blank
-Added new eye descriptors
-Fixed more typos (as usual)


RLDR Version Released “Cultist Update I”

I guess i’ll call this the “Cultist Update I”. I plan to do more, so there will eventually be a part two for this, for example in the next part i want to make the inquisitors also have a dedicated faction and add encounters with them so cultists have more to fight against. Aswell as many more features and lore books dedicated to cults.

Changes for this update:

-Now when you start as a cultist you are allied with your cult (and some monsters) Which makes the gameplay for them far more interesting, for example if there is a turf war on the level and you are a member of one of the cults you can now fight alongside them. I had one level where there was basiclaly a 4 way battle going on, it was intense.

-Added the appropriate monsters and sounds to each cultist type’s encounter memory

-Fixed bug with phase shift rune

-Changed cultist intro

-Fixed bug where cultist orders was wrong character

-When allied you can read what the cultists are chanting (if you translate them you can get more tasty lore bits)

-Cultists no longer get as much of a sanity hit from doing rituals

-Fixed bug in class selection where the wrong key was bound to cultists and inquisitors

-Fixed typos in monster details

-Set team properly for shadow creatures

-Fixed a bunch of typos (greater then -> greater than)

-Fixed book case typo

-Added more things ghosts can say and made it so there is a 20% chance it does more interesting things to them and randomizes them a bit when they spawn

-Ghosts can now teleport around and phase through walls sometimes. Though they will mostly avoid going through walls.

-Fixed most cases of players being spawned on top of enemies.

-Added two new cool manias, one of the manias has 3 variations


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