Hey folks!

There won’t be a standard changelog this week. The features I had planned for this cycle weren’t finished due to a lack of art assets and a reduction in my usual working hours.

Firstly, I had a medical emergency over the last weekend. It turned out that I had a few different health issues, but nothing too serious – all are manageable with enough time, and I will be fine.

However, since I usually spend more time on my weekends developing the game than on weekdays (given my full-time job during weekdays), I was unable to put in the necessary work because of the medications I was on, the ER visit and so on. And I effectively I lost a week of game development time.

Secondly, I have a new member of the family, an adorable American Staffordshire Terrier named Bella. She was rehomed to me after being rescued from a bad situation by one of my sister’s friends who herself than had to move to a place where dogs aren’t allowed.

So amidst all the issues i’ve also been spending quality time helping Bella, my new canine companion, adjust to her new surroundings. Our bonding time is filled with plenty of doggy kisses and endless pets.


Here is an image of Bella:

IMG 4348

You can find out more about this breed here: Britannica.com In light of the medical emergency, I’ve started to focus more on maintaining my health. This includes incorporating a daily exercise routine of at least an hour. While this commitment has marginally cut into my game dev time, I’m a firm believer in the significance of personal health.

After all. I need to be around to finish developing DR4X! Given that we aren’t technologically advanced enough (yet) to upload my consciousness into the game!

Despite these relatively significant events, I did manage to accomplish a few things:

In the week before the ER visit I fully integrated steam achivements into the game, which is the most significant change that has happened lately. And that is all live,

I also fixed a bug that unmarked hexes when players attacked and moved their mouse off them which caused some incredible jankiness. This bug surfaced during optimizations, and I hope my fixes haven’t negatively affected performance.

Furthermore, I’ve been working on adding an unconventional victory to the one mission that currently lacks one, which I believe will help to hook plkayers into my narrative a bit more. Here is a preview of that:

It resembles a mini visual novel and I think it is quite neat. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. (If folks like it i might add more of these heh or even make a full on visual novel at some point)

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!