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December 2015

Equippables and rarities are working.

I have programmed in basic equippables , i do not randomly generate items yet (if you can't tell by the armor named "test" armor) I also do not do proper body covering calculations (right now they just grant defense bonuses... Continue Reading →

A screenshot

I feel as though you guys deserve some screenshots... making up for my lack of updates for so long. A screenshot As you can see, randomly generated vermin creatures work quite well... they all have different effects from eating/throwing them,... Continue Reading →


So I have now finally started on equippables, before now, you could pick things up, throw them, eat therm, quaff them,use them, etc, but you could not equip armor, or weapons, this is about to change. In addition to equippables... Continue Reading →

School is Over

Hello guys! I know its been awhile, but school is finally over so i can start developing the game again. In the meantime check out my downloads page and download some of my other games and try them out! Expect... Continue Reading →

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