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June 2017

The Carriage Of Lost Things

The Carriage Of Lost Things


From the Diary of an unknown adventurer…

I haven’t told anybody about this, as remembering it hurts my head…

Oh diary, oh why couldn’t  we have just walked away from this horrible thing, the memory of it leaves a hollow hole in the pit of my stomach and I cant get my companions face out of my head… his pale…empty… face.

My late companion and I were searching for the fabled “Golden Epel” for our dear lord Nelrissa The White. The lord ordered us to find this magic fruit by any means necessary. Apparently it was important but…I don’t know much about it. I just find things,  I don’t read about them or,  look into them. Anything besides their location anyway…. 

    As we were traveling through the Forest Of Puppeted Plants, there was a clearing…I think it was a clearing anyway… and as we entered it suddenly music started playing all around us….oh the music…such calming music…. coming from everywhere around us…there was a carriage….yes…a  carriage I think. This carriage was in the middle of the clearing with a window on it, at first the window looked empty but as we approached it a strange old lady appeared in the window and I think she said “Hello Young Adventurer” to me..or was it to my companion…not that it really matters anymore. But that music, that music got louder,  though it didn’t feel like it was coming from the carriage. It was just coming from everywhere…such strange music…such a strange thing to describe to anyone who hasn’t heard it…

She faced towards me and asked “Are you looking for something lost young man?” as she leaned closer to me in a strange manner, I of course answered yes and explained to her what the Golden Epel looked like  and that we needed it for our lord…I also backed away a little…  She simply nodded her head and said “So you find things…I find things too, lost things, are you looking for something lost?” I of course answered yes, for it was lost in this very forest. She then…I think, though my memory is getting fuzzy as we speak…proceeded to say again that she “Finds lost things.”, and was “The Keeper Of Lost Things”, this struck me as strange, for though I had seen magic before and strange witches in the woods… I had never seen or heard of any magic like this. So I did what any foolish adventurer would and I asked her “Can you find me the Golden Epel” …she smiled for a moment…such a strange smile…as though her teeth were amber…so yellow…so strange…ugh ….my head. And she pulled out a Golden Epel, “Is this what you seek young man?”….I knew what it looked like from sketches and this was it. I was sure of it! I answered “Yes!” excitedly and I asked her if I could have it.,.I think…and she just smiled again..and said “I will need something as payment…something that is valuable, powerful…something that can not be truly lost..only taken or bled out”…I think I was confused at this point…and my companion chimed in…”We have do you want gold?” The lady simply chuckled…such a horrible chuckle…”No young rogue…i have no need for money.  People lose money all the time, I want blood, I want your blood!” and as I watched I heard a horrible noise…and the music…the music started fading…as my companion fell to the ground…pale…pale and dead…. and the item we sought… laying where the carriage used to be, the carriage gone. The lady gone…my companion…gone. 

There is a blood stain on the diary here…



Hey guys its Michael, I wrote this story as a way to supplement my games lore, if you liked it, it would be awesome if you shared it I am by no means the greatest writer ever, but hopefully this story was at least entertaining and a bit dark, as it should be, magic is going well, I just finished most of the runes I needed for the first pass on the magic system, now I just need to come up with a way to and write the UI for players to apply these runes to items.

I think i’m going to do more of these supplemental lore stories if you folks like it. Let me know in the comments, follow me on twitter @Untrustedlife and keep playing roguelikes! (Hopefully eventually mine 😛 ).

Bug fixes, Lore, magic and more.

Hey guys! Its been awhile. Like two months in fact.

Well, since school ended I have gotten a whole lot done, so sit back, grab a coffee and read this.

I have managed to, using some clever c++ debugging practices I picked up from stackoverflow, fix the majority of bugs in the game and I believe I have also fixed all the crashes. Which is not a small feat, it took several days of just debugging all morning.

I have completely reworked how throwing works to support diagonals, have logical contact places, and potions now explode and do area of affect stuff. You can also toss potions at your feat  for dire situations, like if you are surrounded by monsters that are resistant to fire and throwing a poison potion down at your feet.

There are more items in the game and these items include a new type of armor called a cloak which, like the staff (which does only elemental damage) defends from only elemental magic rather then from physical damage and is generated like other armor and weapons (getting more powerful each section)  I have also added items, that show off lore a bit, and yes there is also now an actual mythos, which took me quite awhile to write out though its a bit scattered on my paper so it would be hard to condense into this blog post. But i’ll try to give you a basic idea,

Quick fundamental Lore Summarization

    The idea is that in this universe the gods are inactive, they created the multirealm, then they just stopped messing with it, they simply watch. They only reason they watch is because what goes on in this universe entertains them, somewhat like an uncaring child with an ant farm. If they get bored they destroy it or simply stop watching it and move onto watching another realm, and that is all they do. Each realm  is created fundamentally from the same forces, because the gods used the same kinds of magic to create the realms , these four forces are Misery magic (also known as suffering magic) , Elemental Magic, Blood Magic (The magic that powers life) and Light(Energy Magic) while the realms were created with the same magic, the manifestation of these forces is different in every realm, but in each realm they have some kind of innate power to them, even if it manifests weakly which it does sometimes (though it can also manifest as  a very powerful force or a rather neutral force). in one realm misery might form as a crystal inside of suffering creatures and always has power, blood might have very little power but it always has power. It could say, light a light bulb. In the main realm of  Dark Realms, Misery takes on the physical form of a bright green gas, and the demon (the antagonist ) uses this gas to draw its power. Blood magic is a very powerful force and you can actually see the power coming from blood in the form of sparks/sparkles when it is exposed to air. Elemental magic takes on a  more rudimentary/neutral role, it isn’t powerful enough to say, cast a fireball, without the help of other magic, but weapons and creatures and such can be imbued with these elemental powers they pick up from the environment/have applied to them directly. While Energy magic, costs literal calories in creatures who can use it and must be cast through objects that amplify the magics power, in our universe that is Runes.

Of course the fact that the gods don’t really care what happens to their creations doesn’t mean the gods didn’t have forethought, and they created a couple special immortal beings to keep things in balance and to keep things interesting. However since they never communicate with their creations these immortal beings might think they are actually gods or they may not even know they are immortal. Such is the case with “The Mind” who I will talk about in a different blogpost.

I also improved descriptions and made many QOL changes.

The game Auto-stutter steps when you are attacking a  creature with the mouse in either horizontal or vertical directions to save you from taking unnecessary hits.


It calls it charging, which is somewhat true, since it usually results in you completely annihilating your opponent (if they don’t have a major advantage) due to the way the game is balanced.

I have also improved descriptions immensely and made them much more disturbing, though there are still some small bugs with the way it parses that into the description box, ill have that fixed soon enough though.

(This is a bloated giant centipede with the face of a suffering elf attached to it. )


Some descriptions also hint at the deeper lore of the game.

Suffering Cyclops wolf.


A really screwed up 5 legged werewolf.


Theres also a huge load of other content I have added, which includes blessings and curses, magical slot machine style sprites/wisps, and hint-giving fairies and new possible types of monsters, and a load of other interactions and lore to discover.

Over the next couple days, i will finally be finishing up the implementation of runes. And I’ll get back to you guys when I have that done, though depending on the time it takes I may get another blogpost up before then explaining the lore more thoroughly.

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned, this site will be getting alot more active soon.

Edit, people were confused so: (Note this version cannot be downloaded yet when I release it i’ll make a “release” post)


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