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July 2018

Hotfixes for 0.1.81

There were some major bugs i accidentally overlooked, and those have now been fixed, ill update the blogpost i posted everywhere with this information.

Version 0.1.81 of Roguelegends Dark Realms Released

  Download RLDR Version 0.1.81 Changes: 30 July 2018 Updated to version 0.1.81 of RLDR Change log: -Fixed Bugs: Fixed bug with crushing punch that would kill the caster -Made descriptions more readable -Added misery Mushroom Note: since this post... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to? Post-four month hiatus version.

Hey guys its been awhile! (About four months to be exact) Lately I've been doing a internship at a wonderful company, so i haven't had time to work on the game much, however all good things must come to an... Continue Reading →

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