Hey guys its been awhile! (About four months to be exact)

Lately I’ve been doing a internship at a wonderful company, so i haven’t had time to work on the game much, however all good things must come to an end , and school is starting soon so my internship is coming to an end next week!

Additionally i finally have RLDR compiling on my new computer so expect a new bug-fix update soonly , specifically a fix for a long standing bug in version 0.1.8, when you use the Librarian spell “Crushing Punch” and your insides dissolve. This should be coming out in a couple days or even maybe tomorrow afternoon. (its already fixed 😛 )

To be specific I just got the game compiling on my new laptop tonight, with a fresh new version of the libtcod and SFML libraries. Hopefully this means i can also start work in earnest on the big new version. (0.2 or 0.1.9) With the updates detailed in my previous devlog.

Also, i’ve decided that in addition to the features outlined in the previous devlog, i’m also going to aim to make the dungeons much more interesting and the rooms in the dungeons also much more interesting.

That’s about it! Sorry that this was a short one, its 11:30 at night and i’m kinda tired.

Happy Rogueliking!