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Hey there. I am Untrustedlife. I develop indie games in my free time. For more info check out my About Page.

Daily Prompt: Was today typical?

Daily writing promptWas today typical?View all responses Hey folks! For me, topday was not typical! I'm still trying to get into a routine that is good for my new doggo Bella! She has a favorite toy now though!

Progress Amidst Pups and Push-ups: DR4X Devlog 7/30/2023

Hey folks! There won't be a standard changelog this week. The features I had planned for this cycle weren't finished due to a lack of art assets and a reduction in my usual working hours. Firstly, I had a medical... Continue Reading →

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The Plumbing Saga

If you have been following my steam devlogs. You will see that last week I reported that I had some plumbing issues! Well the plumbing saga continues! My sewer mainline backed up around the 2nd. Guy tried to fix... Continue Reading →

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