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RLDR version 0.2.0 Release Candidate 2 released!

I forgot to announce here, Hello folks, its been a year, But lets celebrate this October with a new release of RLDR, this is a release candidate, so 0.1.9 can still be downloaded for now until 0.2.0 is ironed out,... Continue Reading →


Major Update, Released version 0.1.9 of RLDR

  19 October 2018 Updated to version 0.1.9 of RLDR Change log: -Added: Sound effects and randomized music tracks for each section (By The wonderful Kevin Macleod) -New: Cultists are now coloured based on their cult robe -Removed: "dive for... Continue Reading →

Patreon Launched!

Hey guys, i have launched a patreon so you can support the development of this game,   Development is going well, i have gotten the mania system working properly now, and am working oin adding more of those, i... Continue Reading →

Version 0.1.86 of Roguelegends: Dark Realms released! Lots of changes!

Heres a release with alot of new stuff! Happy rogueliking. Soon ill make a blogpost about the next version (0.1.9) my plan for the next big version is to make the misery system much much more interesting. Along with my... Continue Reading →

Version of Roguelegends: Dark Realms released! All the hotfixes.

SO, turns out the version of the game i  released last night, was basically broken. Spell casting from inventory and throwing from inventory were bugged when you used your keyboard, now it is fixed, and additionally if you use your... Continue Reading →

Version 0.1.85 of Roguelegends: Dark Realms released!

  Download This release adds spell descriptions and massively buffs almost every single spell: It also adds the ability to "Desperately dive for the stairs" via the interact menu if its adjacent: Changelog: 09 August 2018 Updated to version 0.1.85... Continue Reading →

Version 0.1.84 of Roguelegends Dark Realms Released

This update fixes more bugs, adds more special rooms, adds more lore, and fixes typos. Download 06 August 2018 Updated to version 0.1.84 of RLDR Change log: -Added: New special rooms. -Added: New lore, for new special rooms -Fixed: Bug... Continue Reading →

Released Roguelegends: Dark Realms Version 0.1.82

Download Changes: -New: Added barrels, barrels can be broken, and pushed and sometimes they contain an item -New: Added a special room that is filled with barrels -New: Added a special room that is made up of two rooms. -Fixed:... Continue Reading →

Hotfixes for 0.1.81

There were some major bugs i accidentally overlooked, and those have now been fixed, ill update the blogpost i posted everywhere with this information.

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