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September 2015

Spacebase Restoration Squad

I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile, so i’m going to summarize what i’ve been up to.

I recently got involved  in an open source project whose goal is to complete the game, Spacebase df9, ( which was abandoned by the company “doublefine” after they ran into budget problems. We will be releasing a new patch for that game by Saturday, and ill post here when we do it as-well.

The new credits screen for the game.

I haven’t had much time to work on roguelegends, but its coming along, albeit slowly, more info on that coming soon. I’m currently in the process of adding equippables and unique items in the same style as the very popular game path of exile..

I have been really busy with school as-well, for those of you who want more info on roguelegends, i’m sorry, i just haven’t had the time.

School and updates!

So, the devlogs within the last 2 weeks, or, the lack thereof,  was due to the fact that I am now going to Uw Eau Claire, and its my first time in the dorms, move in week, and the first week of school can be a bit draining!

I was unable to really work on my game much, and I had no time to make the devblog.

But I did get a few things done regardless,

My first pass on procedural generation of creatures is now done, the game now generates various elemental based small creatures, and large monsters for the player to deal with as-well, and names them. The vermin (small creatures) get names like “Creepy Crawly”, and “Flaming Spider” etc, with various words referring to the elemental power of the creature, and an appropriate tile representation, so, a “Creepy Crawly”, makes you “very uncomfortable”, when you have it in your backpack, and has a very deadly poisonous bite, while a flaming spider, resonates heat and occasionally lets lose a pillar of flame when you pick it up, and you can throw these creatures at enemies and they will interact, so a  flaming spider will burn the creature, while the creepy crawly will poison them (make their insides dissolve, actually) they can also serve as food, in desperate situations, but you better be careful in choosing what you eat…..

They are also color-coded, so you can tell at a glance what “type” they are, if you have played  the game before.

Monsters are less canned, I have a complex name generator that generates believable names based on actually putting together letters that make sense together, the creatures ALWAYS have one syllable. (Humanoids will always have 2 syllables), so it is entirely possible for you to get a “Foobold” swordsmen, for example. Or a “Grew” (for a nonhumanoid creature). It then assigns a basic type to the animal, so is it a lizard insect or canine or rodent, and how many legs, and what abilities and stats does it have. The stats are assigned, based on the “difficulty”: level of a creature.

Now,  some of these creatures end up extremely strange, for example a giant flightless bird with one leg who has a protective shell. And this is fine, because, the goal of the game is to defeat the demon who has corrupted the world. So this animal seems extremely reasonable in THIS context. Because the demon has corrupted it.

Its still a WIP though, so It will be improved.

Thats what I have been up to.

Next, I need to add armor, and actual level progression based on skill trees.


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