Indie Horror Roguelikes


October 2020

RLDR Version Released

I am not naming this update, it isn’t near the scale of the previous one Mostly QOL


-Fix display bug with necromancers

-Added necromancer battle to arena

-Added more hints at the win condition for peasants

-Added new painting

-Fixed bug where you could use the cursor to examine whilst looking at your inventory with strange results

-Made it so that you can now do actions like Consume and so on while in the inventory by using shift+key so now you can click, or use the numbers, or do it the standard roguelike way

-You can now grab things using comma

-Reduced portal room amount

-Now when you automatically pit something in your inventory it shows it with a generated message in the log

-Reduced heart message length

-Added two new manias

-Fixed a massive amount of typos in arena


RLDR Version ‘Edgre’ Released

The public release of the new version of RLDR! With a completely rewritten and improved dungeon generator lots of proc gen fixes and a whole new dungeon branch! And a new win condition for the peasant class that even has voice acting!


–Added new Realm Jzq Edgre

-You can now win as peasant and you get a whole voice acted thing afterwards! (Feet. Painticus) See his youtube channel here:

–Made peasant start with randomized items and less misery and have given them more misery memories so they don’t have to roll composure as much

-Completely rewrote dungeon generator, it is much, much better and more interesting now

-Added many new special rooms

-Added paintings that have generated descriptions

-There are now better visual effects for when poisoned, on fire, or very miserable which should make it easier to tell when that is happening

-Character now changes base don how miserable you are like the doom guy

-Added new lore entries

-Fixed bug with realmling realm

-Fixed a huge amount of typos

-Creature generator now understands a/an

-Fixed bug with FOV-Added more types of sparkling hearts to the game

-You can not move when your inventory/descriptions are open anymore

-Fixed weird space issues with corpse generator

-You can now look at monster hp without mouse

-Fixed bug with squire

-Added full stops to many place slacking full stops

-Made stone lighter

-Added new food items

-Reduced enemy spawn rate on cult levels

-Made weight get displayed on most items

-Fixed crash with shadow world mania

-Fixed bug where fountain items would display incorrect stats

-Fixed some out of order damage messages

-Fixed a blood magic crash

-Fixed bug where AI would still run secondary AI component when stunned

-Added tongue

-Fix destroyed destroyed

-Added bats and pheasants



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