Hey folks!

Its been a couple weeks since the last update so, im here to tell you whats up, whats coming next, and about what i’ve been up to.

The release went well, a friend of mine Natch_Evil made a lets play which was very entertaining, ill link it right away:

Also gave me some great feedback!

So whats next?

Well, after watching people play and getting feedback, I have decided i know what i’m working on next.

Extending The Interaction System

Extending the interaction system, one thing that has bugged me in the game so far has been the lack of ability to interact with liquids in the dungeon, I have underground lakes, underground lava pits, and underground slime pits, but they are just aesthetic, so in the next update I am adding the ability to  to drink from the underground lakes and such.

But to avoid letting players abuse this, I am also adding some limiting factors in the form of horrific randomly generated and premade underwater monstrosities that you might accidentally awaken, and other stuff you can find in the water. So that will be fun.

I am also extending corpse inspection from the randomly generated humanoid corpses you can find, to all corpses and will allow you to extract blood from the interaction menu, and maybe add hints as to how a creature died when you inspect its corpse (right now this only happens with humanoid corpses, and they can have lots of goodies on them and weird things on their corpses)

Making Things more Fun.

The game is fun, I think, i can play a bunch of characters over and hour of two and have fun the whole time discovering new monsters and such. But I think that the latter parts of a section can get monotonous and i think the game could definitely be much more fun.

So i’m reducing the amount of levels per section from four to two, (or three depending on how things work out), that way the player is more likely to encounter new enemies over their game-play session. This is because each section has its own randomly generated monsters, and dealing with the same four for four whole levels, does really get monotonous.

I am also adding more monsters for the player to encounter, I am going to add a bunch of new abilities for monsters to get. This includes the underwater monstrosities, i’m also going to add “large vermin” that aren’t just the “monstrous” type, right now when a blood/pain-aligned vermin bites someone it has a chance to consume them and become a giant monstrous scary version of that vermin. This isn’t enough, I want colonies of giant ants that actually act like a colony and fight each other and dig up the level like the current tunnel diggers in the game, i want the player to be eaten by giant beavers. So i’m adding a weaker “giant” version of the vermin that will spawn in groups and act as a monster based on the type of vermin they are. So giant mosquitoes will swarm you and suck your blood and such.

Improving Cults

The game currently has cults, it can choose a cult from a few pre-baked versions and populate a level with that type of cultist, which is fun, and they can chant and make you insane and such. But the level itself is still just a normal level, i want to make the cult that is chosen also effect the level layout, more details on that to come.

I will also have some fun, and make the world have one or two randomly generated cults, because I think it would be funny to find cultists of the “all seeing toad monster” or something, in addition to the four currently existing pre-made cults.

Thanks for reading! Happy Rogueliking!