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April 2018

Released version 0.1.8 of Roguelegends: Dark Realms


Direct Download for 0.1.8

28 April 2018
Updated to version 0.1.8 of RLDR

Change log:
-Added: Game now adapts to your screens reolution, switching to a smaller font, when your screen size is less then a specifc screensize
-New: Librrian class now starts with a torch
-Updated: Crushing punch spell now also crushes walls


Post-release support

Im glad you guys all tried my game!


The most glaring issue you guys found was that on some computers the game is too big for your resolution, im working on a smaller resolution option because of that, release will be some time today.

Some other minor balance issues were found aswell, so i’m making the crushing punch spell also destroy walls, and i’m giving some classes some elemental starting items so they can deal with ethereal (cyan colored) monsters.

Keep rogueliking, and keep shoving your feedback at me.




New Version of RLDR released! AFTER TWO YEARS!

There are far too many changes to list (Two years worth) , but i described many of the new features on this page! I also updated the road map on that page!


Immediate Download here via dropbox:

Download RLDR 0.1.7

Though there is also a download link in my downloads page, and on the linked page.


If you like the game consider donating, there are links for this all over my website



Apparently when i released it was missing two dlls, I fixed that so if it doesn’t run, just re-download my bad.


Cool Stories of playing the game from this release from various individuals:



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