Indie Horror Roguelikes


May 2020

RLDR Version Released


-You can now use keyboard to navigate the book UI

-Fixed a bunch of typos

-Added variable attack verbs (so a cat can pounce on you and such)

-Muted log and help buttons and log button is now green 

-Changed what it says when you pick up written works so its more readable and less awkward

-New possible dungeon name

-Other misc changes


Just a note folks you can comment on my posts. I almost never see those it would be awesome if i got some.

RLDR Version Released

I decided to experiment with a new method of story telling.


-Rogues now can win the game and have their own win condition and other stuff

-Rogues now have a far more fleshed out backstory

-Added 5 new manias

Cjg e kmlj.


Kings Sea Released

I made a small game in unity over the weekend, its a game about fishes.

Kings Sea

Kings Sea is a simple arcade-style fish simulation game based on a very old game for the Apple II called “Odell Lake”. I made this in a single weekend in order to teach myself unity. 

You are presented with various encounters and have 5 actions you can take , you get the most points for the best action for each encounter for your fish. For example a Trout may encounter a worm and choose to eat it. Your goal is to survive as long as you possibly can and get the final encounter.

I may, if people want, add the ability to play as more kinds of fish. But this was in the end meant to be a very small and simple game. The game tracks your high score so you can play and try to beat your high score as-well.

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Mac Version

Linux Version

Windows Version Page


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