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December 2016

Vacation and vacation issues

Hello roguelikers/players  I'm on vacation in Iowa for two weeks, and I accidentally left my laptop (which has all my programming tools on it/my codebase on it) at home so I wont be able to work on it for the... Continue Reading →

Version 0.1.5 released

After a busy finals week which is now over, where I was studying and programming I finally released version 0.1.5! This version comes with numerous UI improvements including the ability to throw and examine things with your keyboard instead of... Continue Reading →

Roadmap finally posted!

I have finally posted a roadmap, its not formatted the best right now but at least its a roadmap! Check it out and tell me what you think! The roadmap is divided into "Milestones" which act as subsections, and... Continue Reading →

Released Version 0.1.4 of RLDR

This version includes numerous graphical changes and bug fixes. As always download is at the main download page. The RLDR Download Page    

The Feel Of The Game (Again)

So, I wasn't satisfied with the graphical aesthetic of the version of RLDR I released  a few days ago, so I have been changing the style and ridding myself of all the default libtcod colors in between working on assignments... Continue Reading →

Day One Bug fixes, Updated RLDR to version 0.1.3

So I fixed many problems with the recently introduced bloodsuckers that were causing crashes, and I also fixed some places in the code where content was blocked out from player access. So that should all be working! Enjoy! Thanks for... Continue Reading →

RLDR Alpha Release

So over the past couple weeks I have been polishing up Dark Realms' for an alpha release and its finally here! I also made some UI changes the testers recommended, which should make things much nicer. Such as more keyboard input,... Continue Reading →

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