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August 2015

Upgraded to libtcod 1.6.

So today I updated to libtcod 1.6 and I updated my MinGW compiler. There were some issues compiling libtcod 1.6 at first, so, for anyone who cares, the makefile-mingw ¬†command in libtcod 1.6 was using incorrect keywords, for those who... Continue Reading →

Segfault Week And Hunger Clocks

Sorry for not posting a devlog this weekend,I spent the entire week (alongside my other two actual jobs) debugging Roguelegends: Dark Realms like mad, (including the weekend) ¬†it was a strange error, because it was happening on my friends computer... Continue Reading →

Updated My Game Development Page

I have decided to update my game development page with a bit of info from my game development document, for your reading pleasure. And, I finally have a proper name for it! This week has been busy, things will cool... Continue Reading →

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