Sorry for not posting a devlog this weekend,I spent the entire week (alongside my other two actual jobs) debugging Roguelegends: Dark Realms like mad, (including the weekend)  it was a strange error, because it was happening on my friends computer but not mine, so I had no real way of recording the error (I have yet to add support for crash logs, but I plan to), so that was “fun”.

Other then that I have recently been putting a-lot of work into the Hunger and Thirst Systems, My game Roguelegends : Dark Realms doesn’t use a standard Hunger system.

The Hunger/Thirst Bars  look like this currently

At Full:


When Dehydrating (Notice the thirst bar goes down at double the speed of the hunger bar:

(when your hunger or thirst bar turns to 0, the bar changes to a dehydration/starving bar respectively, the dehydration and starving bars start at 50 but go down at double the speed of the hunger or thirst bars.


When you run out on your “dehydration bar”:


It Starts picking at your max health until:


The Same Happens when you are Starving To death except Your hunger bar turns to “Starving” and is an amber color.

In a standard roguelike, your hunger bar is hidden, and when you starve to death it is usualy an instant process, in my game I instead went with this:

Hunger-Starving (Strength/2) – lowering your max health, so it takes awhile to starve, but when you do, you have permanent consequences

It works the same for my Thirst bar

Thirst-Dehydration(strength/2)-> lowering max health

If you are both dehydrating and starving you always attack monsters “In vain” because your strength is equal to 0.

Certain Foods Increase both your hunger bar and thirst bar, some more or less then others.

The meat from corpses (which already drop rarely) for example gives food but little to no water, so you HAVE to get off your current level to find water (This prevents players from attacking enemies too long to grind), The hunger bar, is in there to make sure that the player cannot abuse the system on the next level, and it goes back and fourth. It is also interesting to deal with, instead of just eating food all the time, you have to try to manage both food, and water. And it is also easily noticeable. so ~hopefully~ it wont be as confusing as the standard system to new players.They reduce your strength to further prevent grinding to the point where you cannot even attack.

The Maxhealth being reduced, forces the player to deal with the consequences of their actions, without being TOO evil about it (which is why it is gradual and not immediate).

What do you guys think?