So today I updated to libtcod 1.6

and I updated my MinGW compiler.

There were some issues compiling libtcod 1.6 at first, so, for anyone who cares, the makefile-mingw  command in libtcod 1.6 was using incorrect keywords, for those who were getting a “Missing separator at line 28” error, but everything is tabbed in as it should be, use this make file instead of the one in the repository:

Download My makefile

There are also errors in the library itself (and I dont feel like going on bitbucket and fixing them on there ) so:

When you compile the debug version it will give you some warnings about radiobuttons, but if you aren’t using the gui version of libtcod, then you can safely ignore those. (Of course you could always jump in and rewrite that bit as-well, I wont bother going into details about that, but its an easy fix regardless)

Also you WILL get this error when compiling the release version:

c:\mingw\include\math.h:635:30: error: ‘_hypot’ was not declared in this scope
{ return (float)(_hypot (x, y)); }

Just change that bit to
{ return (float)(hypot (x, y)); }

Hope that Helps anyone who is trying to compile libtcod 1.6!