If you have been following my steam devlogs. You will see that last week I reported that I had some plumbing issues!


Well the plumbing saga continues!

My sewer mainline backed up around the 2nd. Guy tried to fix it. It backed up again two weeks later. He tried to fix it again. Clogged it harder. I had it jetted. That worked. But my laundry room has a somewhat substantial amount of smelly black sludge in it now. It also partially flooded into the bathroom adjacent to it. I cleaned that bathroom easily. All that’s left is the laundry room. I went down there and two handed Lysol disinfectant spray like Rambo with a mask on and covered the entire basement in it. Waited for it to dry. Vacuumed that.

Needless to say this has negatively impacted my productivity in many ways, not only on the game dev but on my actual job too,

Filed an insurance claim for the cleaning. Haven’t had to do that before.

So far the whole ordeel, from replacing the cleanout so its accessible to having it jetted to the failed clog removal has about costed me a grande. Cleaning the laundry room professionally will probably be another grande, and also the guy hasn’t even done a camera inspection yet. I imagine things will either get way worse or way better from here. Cheers to homeownership.