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The Carriage Of Lost Things

The Carriage Of Lost Things   From the Diary of an unknown adventurer... I haven't told anybody about this, as remembering it hurts my head... Oh diary, oh why couldn't  we have just walked away from this horrible thing, the... Continue Reading →


Bug fixes, Lore, magic and more.

Hey guys! Its been awhile. Like two months in fact. Well, since school ended I have gotten a whole lot done, so sit back, grab a coffee and read this. I have managed to, using some clever c++ debugging practices I... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to? Month-long-disappearance edition!

Well hello there, I haven't posted  a blog post in awhile! Well, this has mostly been due to school becoming more busy and the up and coming release of stellaris utopia among other things. I am quite addicted to stellaris.... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

So This blog post may be a bit dry, but sorting through it you may find some stuff you like. I recently got sound working in the game, and I have also composed a dungeon delving theme (which took 6... Continue Reading →

Weaknesses and Lairs

So this weekend I spent time working on new AI for the game, and making being ethereal actually mean something. So, the first thing I will hit on today is what being ethereal now means in the context of the... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

I have been back from my vacation for almost a week, and I am proud to report that I have started working on RLDR again, over the past couple days, I have implemented a way of keeping track of what... Continue Reading →

Vacation and vacation issues

Hello roguelikers/players  I'm on vacation in Iowa for two weeks, and I accidentally left my laptop (which has all my programming tools on it/my codebase on it) at home so I wont be able to work on it for the... Continue Reading →

Version 0.1.5 released

After a busy finals week which is now over, where I was studying and programming I finally released version 0.1.5! This version comes with numerous UI improvements including the ability to throw and examine things with your keyboard instead of... Continue Reading →

Roadmap finally posted!

I have finally posted a roadmap, its not formatted the best right now but at least its a roadmap! Check it out and tell me what you think! The roadmap is divided into "Milestones" which act as subsections, and... Continue Reading →

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