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RLDR Version Released


-Fixed crash with pushing destroyed statues, now you can push and move statues, doors, whatever you want with those runes. It doesn’t make much sense but it does fix the crash and allow you to progress when you otherwise couldn’t and it is fun. You can even push the stairs around. I’m not going to bother trying to justify that.

-Fixed crash when reading carriage of lost things (let me know if you run into any more of these weird crashes) Its just that the book was encoded wrong.

-Made the level not spawn 25 diary entries at a time.


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RLDR Version Released


-Fixed many, many color inconsistencies

-Changed many mania pop up colors

-Fixed a really irritating book related crash

-Added two more books and numbered and reworded the  Jdclhy  logs.

-Increased chance for  the  Jdclhy  logs. to appear on any given dungeon level.

-Randomized intro pop up slightly.

-Improved dungeon gen code (multi tile hallways are now a thing) and will make it more difficult to kite monsters and simply make the maps look nicer.

-Ui Cleanup


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RLDR Version Released


-Version is now displayed properly in main menu

-Updated character sheet to give more information on what different stats do

-Rewrote one of the lore books

-Shadow creatures no longer show stats

-Fixed a Crash

-Added new engravings and statues, made special statues spawn more often.


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