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The Feel Of The Game (Again)

So, I wasn't satisfied with the graphical aesthetic of the version of RLDR I released  a few days ago, so I have been changing the style and ridding myself of all the default libtcod colors in between working on assignments... Continue Reading →


Day One Bug fixes, Updated RLDR to version 0.1.3

So I fixed many problems with the recently introduced bloodsuckers that were causing crashes, and I also fixed some places in the code where content was blocked out from player access. So that should all be working! Enjoy! Thanks for... Continue Reading →

RLDR Alpha Release

So over the past couple weeks I have been polishing up Dark Realms' for an alpha release and its finally here! I also made some UI changes the testers recommended, which should make things much nicer. Such as more keyboard input,... Continue Reading →

The Grey/Gray Goo Problem.

When I talk about "Grey Goo" or "Gray goo" however you want to spell it i'm not talking about the hypothetical apocalyptic scenario, when nanobots eat the world, like in this image: Or this image: (Who knew the end... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

I finally had some time to update dark realms, the game now displays player stats and names items   The names are rather boring right now "dagger of incineration" basically means "fire dagger of some kind" but eventually I will... Continue Reading →

Old Prototypes, More Thrive and other stuff.

I decided to upload an old prototype I made for thrive in 2013 on the website, I feel it is good enough to show off, many people complained at the time once the place that was hosting got rid of... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to? (Thrive edition!)

So recently , I have been putting work into thrive instead of my roguelike, there are many reasons, first of which is that thrive is starting to take off, which is good, and the roguelike is still rather obscure (to... Continue Reading →

Progression is finally here!

So, I finally have full progression implemented. It took about a week (with a  couple days of playing stellaris, sorry) , but it is finally implemented.I still have some miscellaneous fun things I want to do, a name generator for... Continue Reading →

The Future Of The Game

After several days (had to have been at least 4, maybe more I didn't look back at old blog posts) of programming/procrastination/code cleanup/random feature adding to aid in procrastination I finally have the procedural item generator, and item spawning based on frequencies... Continue Reading →

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