I added an arena mode to make testing easier today, and that enabled me to fix a new bug that popped up. I am still working on the item gen code, I don’t have a tremendous amount of freetime, but I think Ill finish the item generation code by tomorrow.Though I do have some things I need to get done tomorrow that might delay that another day.

A screenshot of the arena:



I also got rid of miss chances on normal creatures entirely in order to make combat completely deterministic ( the dodge chance was the only random element), and then added a new “ability” that a creature can have that enables it to dodge.


I also picked up a gif making tool (Courtesy of reddit) , so I can now make gifs of my game, to show it off.

Like this one:

A gif from the game.


(Note, some of the UI, like the mouse over/monster health/bottom of the log are partially off the gif so you cant see them, I am unable to record the entire window for some reason)

Spoiler, This was actually a YASD, I should have ran left.