Its been awhile!

Hello there! Yes its been awhile, this is mostly due to school being busy! I even had a job interview on monday!

But that doesn’t mean i haven’t been working on the game, especially this summer in fact, i have quite a bit done, and am getting very close to release!

I cant make a promise as to when release will be, as some problems turn out to be harder then you first expected oftentimes. Nonetheless, soon i will be releasing the new version.

So what have I done?

So, ill make a second blogpost detailing more changes, but heres the first round of changes.



Well, i’ve done quite  a bit, first off, we have a main menu now!

Main Menu

A Screenshot of the main menu

This menu, as with the rest of the game, can be controlled either through keyboard or the mouse.

New Character (1) Lets you create a new character but play with the same dungeon (same monsters, same section colors etc.) of course with new levels (Because the same levels wouldn’t be any fun, this is a roguelike after all)

New World (2) , generates a whole new dungeon, with new monsters and everything which you can continue with new characters.

Credits (3), simply names off people who have helped me develop the game (eg, radian2pi who drew the awesome main menu background).

Better UI!

Look at all those shiny new buttons.

The game can now be fully played using only your mouse if you wish, of course it can also be played fully with the keyboard, but usually i use a combo of both. You might also notice some new effects when looking at this image, yes tiles get darker the farther they are from you.

All skills are useful now!

There are many new skills, a handy character sheet, and all the skills mean something and do things, of course i’m not going to tell you what they all do but they are all used quite a bit, in fact.

I see we are a rogue this time. There are many classes now aswell with differnet starting loadouts and primary and secondary skills. As you can see rogues are quite swift and persuasive.

An interaction system!

There are many things to interact with, rolling inquiry on things, opening doors, kicking statues and doors searching bookshelves and much much more!

Kicking a door can actually save you by the way, because when things break, they fall backwards, onto things 😉

Yes, there are fountains now aswell…

Ahh, yes fountains exist at the beginning of each new section, they are capable of many things including increasing your max hp, and granting you treasures. And they can spawn in other places as well.

Inspecting corpses… what happened here?

You can even find lore this way, and items, and capes, and other more horrific things you shouldn’t be seeing.

And many more things!

Sanity checks.

Next stop, Arkham asylum.


Note, i screwed up on pasting these screenshots, but you can see what i’m talking about.

Oh yeah you can summon those guys too.


There are numerous engravings you can find, most of them are generated based on what monsters exist in your world but you can find a lot of lore as well! And hooded figures worshiping forgotten alien gods.

And many more things!

Ill upload a new blog post next week with more changes! Do you guys like books, lore? Alternate realms? Yes I have those too!

Happy Rogue liking!

See you next week!