So its been about a month since my last blog post, sorry for the quiet, honestly i’ve been working over 50 hours a week AND developing my game so in my free time I have just been developing and not posting blog posts. But here’s a bit of  a progress report.

I have added a character sheet, and the stats now actually effect stuff.


Swiftness is your speed, this makes it harder for “uncoordinated” monsters to hit you and it increases your chance of hitting monsters that are capable of dodging your attacks.

Concentration is your ability to pay attention to your surroundings and increases your max spell casting radius (If your coordination is over 50, it also increases your maximum field of view range in addition to allowing you to cast your spells in that range)

This rogue has 15 concentration, so they can cast spells on every single one of the 8 tiles adjacent to them (its 10 per tile, the extra 5 allows diagonal)


Inducement is your negotiation skill, and it is unused right now, it will be used in the demonic deals mechanic, also talking in general, it probably will still be unused when I release the new version in a week or two.

Tenacity is your ability to focus, and your ability to resist status effects from interacting with objects (eg, you have to roll a d100 every time you eat a rotten food item to see if you get food poisoning among many other things)

This rogue has low tenacity, but I have several starting situations it will randomly choose from when you start right now, and one of those starts can roll for more tenacity, assassins are also rather tenacious.

Example on our poor doomed rogue here:failedpoisonrollWell, looks like this poor rogue is going to die, we failed our poison roll.

(The rolling system used here is a simplified  d100 adaptation of the d20 rolling system from d&d, you want to roll, then add your skill (in our case our tenacity was 8) and you want that sum to be equal to or greater then your difficulty class, in this cast the DC was 90, so we very obviously failed that.



Lets continue, heres our new character by the way.


We are aan assassin this time, as you can see we have much higher tenacity, and it generated a special background for us, neat right.

Heres our spell casting radius, we are over 20 so we can cast a little farther then our previous character, but there is a reason for this, assassins start with a spell called “Assassins bind” which stuns the enemy and does 3 poison damage.



But lets finish our stats, We also have composure and misery, misery always starts at 0, but that is sort of an abstract representation that is both a sanity system, and how much influence the demon (the big antagonist) has over you, you will roll composure to see if you take misery damage once its implemented fully, but right now, like inducement misery and composure do nothing.

Anyway, lets move on, I have also added MANY new flags to the enemy generator so there is much more monster variety, I have improved the creature generator immeasurably, Added several new interesting unique starting situations it will randomly choose from which are kind of like a starting class for you,  and I have the magic system almost fully implemented. And I have added many new special rooms, and many new items to the game, and improved those generators aswell. We will talk about Magic, tomorrow. And yes, I will actually make a post tomorrow.

In the mean time, here is a new lore story for you, written by sour. Who is on the roguelike discord.

Have a good night!

I left home earlier today, as the day shortened. I stepped with my boots in too many puddles,
though the sky was only clouded today. Ten steps before I reached the mansion I nearly fell because
of a pavement crack. I unlocked the gate, pushed it, then closed it behind me.

I lost count of the lost nights and mornings I spent here. The lords here, quite a respectable family,
gave me much help with this work. I only have to ensure nothing on the ground around the house moves,
nothing big, nothing fancy.

JUMP - I got my foot caught in some sort of roots. I almost fell, again. Thick nonsense, all of this.
They take their plants too seriously - some weeks ago they brought in some foul fertilizer, the sacks
smelled like the poor Joan. A poor 7 year old who had his guts trampled by a horse. And before that they
got gallons of some red maize, but that smelled like boiled chicken, so my dinner was in place.

Step, after step, after step, and, again, after step...
It is not any of my business, I am just paid to guard, not to go rambling about herbs. But how, in the
name of God, can they stand the stench? Those two glove-wearing, black and red women, I hope they're women,
lords of this house, I cannot comprehend how stupid of a nose they must have. Do they enjoy the smell?

JUMP - How pleasant, I've got some of that steaming red shit on the bottom of my left boot. This thing
just doesn't come off, it's as if it was glued, and God, my poor nose. It feels putrid, it feels rotten,

I start galloping through the fermented garden, at least I am not feeling it on my boot anymore...
It darkened so quick today too, and the Moon decided to go away too, and I wasn't allowed to carry any
candle with me... 

I feel the blob falling off of my boot, as if pulled. I hear, in the distance, a crow. I see, too close
to me, sparkles going up from the dry dirt. Step, after step, after step, I am now on top of it, and it
collapses. Around me, only moving shadows.

A spark thunders through the pit, and I see only birds, featherless, birds. Birds with eyes gauged out
just enough to have their eyes outside their skull, but still attached to it. My nose is bleeding, but
it is bleeding upwards. Looking at their bodies, I can see that they have been opened, and, moving my 
head lower and lower, I can see where their insides are. 

This pit goes for a long way, left and right. I see the roots of the plants, absorbing as if through 
ghastly hands, the blood dripping from the skulls that are rambling on the ground, as a morbid piece 
of flesh. I feel my eyes, my head, more and more heavy. I feel like vomiting, and I do. And I fall all

Jump, I want to jump out. This is not my place. This is not their place either. Tic, tac, tic, tac,
it never ends. But I am thankful that it all went red, then black.