I forgot to announce here,

Hello folks, its been a year,

But lets celebrate this October with a new release of RLDR, this is a release candidate, so 0.1.9 can still be downloaded for now until 0.2.0 is ironed out, let me know any bugs etc you encounter.

There are so many new features i can barely explain them, The big ones are,

-Polished up misery system added  a ton of crazy sanity effects and hallucinations

-New combat system with critical hits and critical misses, and partially randomized damage like you excpect in other roguelikes

-Class selection screen

-Resizing screen at will

-Game is 64 bit now

-A bunch of new music

-A bunch of new runes, enemies etc

-New Realms

-New Themed Levels



The download links have been replaced with version 0.2.0


Roguelegends: Dark Realms 0.2.0 RC2


You should also check out my itch.io page 🙂