I decided to upload an old prototype I made for thrive in 2013 on the website, I feel it is good enough to show off, many people complained at the time once the place that was hosting got rid of the download, so now you wont have to worry.

It is a prototype that simulates an ecosystem and evolution, the ecosystem comes about naturally through the evolutionary process, its fun to play with anyway. You can also take control of a cell, and use this “avatar” cell as your means of influencing/playing as a creature in  the world.

Capture2.JPGCapture.JPGHowever, if your original avatar’s genus goes extinct you will be stuck observing from a god-like perspective.

In other news, I continued working on the flag passing code for thrive, and I have several programming assignments I need to finish up this month and school takes priority, so don’t expect as much this month (though I will probably finish up the flag passing stuff).

I may put some work into dark realms as well, but its hard to juggle the stuff I need to do so don’t expect a huge amount of work on that.

You can download it in the downloads section of the website, or you can download it here Thrive Prototype