So, I finally changed the twitter follow button on my website to bring you to an actual twitter follow page. I have also decided to become more active on twitter, see you there!


I Have been able to quickly recover (partially) from the 4 months worth of lost code, in the mean time, I have begun to re-implement most of the necessary structure for allowing my procedural species to have special abilities (and I will re-add those back in, though in a different way eventually)

I have also added the ability to examine things from your inventory.

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I have also implemented a customizable pop-up event system for doing things like notifying people that the level they are in is special in some way, and to give the player some exposition.Hopefully I will be able to use this later to tell players about locations they are in (re. alternate planes) and such as well.

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I have also re-balanced poison damage to something much more sensible.

I have also decided to re-set up my auto-versioning system to something that hopefully I will never have to tweak again.


And many other changes, bug fixes, UI standardization for descriptions. etc.