This will be a blog post version of the most recent dr4x changelog! I realize my website hasnt had much use lately. And I want to see if I can build some ad revenue. ;P

I have been posting these on steam.

See the backlog here.

Hey guys, I have a new release here with a bunch of new updates and improvements to the game. Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope you enjoy playing this new version.

One of the neatest things I’ve added is Tower Improvements, which use the Technology system to allow you to add specialized “rooms” to towers that do various things, making towers into Swiss Army knives that can generate resources, create extra powerful guards, and so on.

Gameplay and UI
-Added the ability to toggle a “Pangea” option in the skirmish menu, which makes the generator create a single continent surrounded by water COE style

-Added a new world setting option: Pipeland which is styled more like a cartoon than a standard fantasy setting with some unique enemies that only used to very rarely spawn before and with a unique variant of the hill tile.

-Added a Barracks improvement to all towers
-Added Hidden Passage improvement to Bandit towers
-Added Smugglers Den improvement to all Bandit towers
-Added Prospector’s Quarters improvement to all Kingdom towers
-Added Heralds Quarters improvement to all Kingdom towers
-Added Bastion Boost improvement to all towers
-Added Lookout Perch improvement to all towers
-Added Cultist’s Conclave improvement to all Cultist towers
-Added Cultist’s Sanctum improvement to all Cultist towers
–Added more improvements i forgot the names of too.

-Added a “Continue Playing” button when you win that allows you to continue playing (Based on a steam forum suggestion)

Some options menu updates based on a suggestion from the discord.
-Added an option to disable the phosphor (film grain) effect in the options menu
-Added an option to disable the TV effect in the options menu

-Added new alcohols to alcohol generator.

-Added New Ruined Ship Unit Portrait

Bug Fixes-The Z coordinates of tiles are now slightly randomized in skirmishes to prevent z-fighting, this has been a bug that has existed from the start, and now its finally fixed.
-Fixed an issue with buildible vairnts of towers in certain situations
-Fixed an issue with tower upgrading
-Fixed an issue with AI pathing (they still do some weird things sometimes but hey)

Balancing-Hell Apes are now slightly weaker

YouTube Spotlight!
None this time.

Lastly, be prepared to see some… interesting references in Pipeland. I recently watched the new Mario movie and it was great, and let’s just say it left an impression on me. But, jokes aside, I hope you enjoy the tower improvements and would love to hear your feedback!

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