Daily writing prompt
Have you ever been camping?

When I was a kid, my parents had a reserved camping site at a campground called Monsterhall. Oh, all the things that happened there! My first girlfriend, and one time when I was 16, I stumbled upon a drug deal in the parking lot of the campground office and was absolutely terrified. I also had loads of friends there; I would play at my friends’ campsites. It was a great time, lots of memories, good and bad lol.

From what I can tell, it was bought out sometime a few years ago. According to this info on RV Life, the Monster Hall Campground has been closed: https://campgrounds.rvlife.com/regions/wisconsin/unity/monster-hall-campground-closed-8085

There was also apparently some crazy murder plot involving the owners at one point. I guess you could say it was a killer camping spot! But seriously, it’s probably not the greatest place to camp lmao. Still, lots of memories though.

The Murder Plot:


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