Hey folks, its been awhile, but I’ve been working on it alongside some other cool stuff.

Lots of cool stuff in this new release

-Added new win condition for squire as well as an alternate win condition for the squire

-More lore books to flesh out some more arcane aspects of the lore as well as for the [REDACTED]

-Added several new runes that cause debuffs, like making enemies weaker to certain elements, also made all buff runes much cheaper to cast

-Added many new paintings to flesh out the lore and provide context for the new win contrition as well as the [REDACTED]

-Added proc genned fountain appearances

-Added new end game state (Hawip osdzygzg pie cdecqg gbcep ip daladg zfcz cna yponawapzg ip 4, ipoa qis maz zi zfa 5zf gaozyip, Yc Hawip)

-Fixed bug with rune bag

-Fixed typos as always

-Fixed bug with necromancer corpses

-fixed missing periods

-Fixed bug where peasant win wouldn’t fire

Download here:

RogueLegends : Dark Realms (RLDR)

And Here:


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