Heres a release with alot of new stuff! Happy rogueliking. Soon ill make a blogpost about the next version (0.1.9) my plan for the next big version is to make the misery system much much more interesting. Along with my continuing quest to make my dungeons more interesting and engaging. We are making our way through that roadmap 🙂


Change log:

14 August 2018
Updated to version 0.1.86 of RLDR

-Added: Unicorns, which always have the flag that makes their corpses heal you and have cyan blood (with a few variations)
-Added: Added new enemy, they do magic and stuff, also very dealdy.
-Added: Magical flag that lets randomly generated creatures (some of them, rarely) to also have the magic
-Added: Ability to consume liquified corpses and skeletons. (and they are colored differently)
-Fixed: Many typos
-Fixed: Several bugs, casting push runes and such on bookcases(and other stuff) no longer crashes the game
-Updated: Rats and rodents now all have the dodge flag
-Fixed: Bugs that prevented the insanity message from showing up when you have max misery
-Fixed: Bug that made the game close in some cases right when you died.
-Cleaned: Rewrote composure dice roll messages to be less, longwinded. (to fit stuff better)