Well hello there, I haven’t posted  a blog post in awhile! Well, this has mostly been due to school becoming more busy and the up and coming release of stellaris utopia among other things.

I am quite addicted to stellaris.



School doesn’t help either, I have had a few exams and a-lot of assignments to work on so my life over the past month has been a never ending cycle of :

work on assignment->play stellaris ->eat -> work on assignment play stellaris->eat and so on. Oh the struggle.

I have some good news though.

I have had time on weekends to work on RLDR, of course I will never stop working on that. This current version is on its way to release, I have made many improvements and i’m excited to show those off to you guys but I have yet to finish the brain-destroying and rather complex magic system I had planned , but once thats in, I can release, and I have some other plans for that as-well.

The idea is that the player can combine ruins to get magical effects and apply them to items, some items may spawn with a spell already applied to them, and I figured out a great way of organizing that using a list of numbers that represent effects and have effects on each other and parsing those together by looping through them. More news on that to come, ill try not to have any more hiatus like this. But in the mean time you should all play Stellaris. Its one of the most interesting games I have ever played, so much so that I actually had a desire to work on mods for it, that hasn’t happened to me since dwarf fortress. The music is great too I guess. 😉


The Utopia expansion for that game launches in only 3 days. That may negatively effect my productivity even more. Hopefully I have the self control to avoid that. I also have an exam on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Thanks for playing my game guys! Thank you for donating as well. I have had a couple donations over the past week, so I figured You guys deserve a thanks! Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me.

Well back to watching lets plays of stellaris utopia’s press version…. err I mean..studying for my exam. (while listening to them in the background of course).