I have been back from my vacation for almost a week, and I am proud to report that I have started working on RLDR again, over the past couple days, I have implemented a way of keeping track of what faction a creature is in (eg a creature can be part of a group of creatures that don’t attack each other) and I can have over 200 of them if I need to, I have also implemented new AI that is “territorial” eg attacks anything that comes within 5 squares of it (including other monsters!), so that is the first of the numerous new AIs I need to add to improve the tactical aspect of the game, the next enemies I need to add should be able to shoot things, and then I need to add AI that can patrol, and poison/magma trails and AI that can tunnel.. Then I need to add a way of dealing with those threats that is interesting and fun. I ill probably be implementing tactical magic soon as-well. Should be a fun month!

I have also started streaming way more often then I used to on my twitch channel twitch.tv/untrustedlife I sometimes stream game development so be sure to check that out!

Also, remember to follow me on twitter if you want to be even more updated on current developments and other random things.

I had a good vacation as-well, had a lot of fun and was able to spend time with my family, so that was good!

I am also going back to my university in a couple days, ill still work on the game, but a lot of you probably understand that it may be hard to get an update out every day, hopefully every week is a good enough frequency. Thanks for playing! Tell your friends! And thank you for reading!