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The feel of the game

So, Roguelegends:Dark Realms (Or just Dark Realms, which is the short name) is a dark fantasy deterministic roguelike game.  A problem I have been having lately while working on it, is that it didn’t “feel” like a dark fantasy game, in terms of color scheme, so today I have been experimenting with different color schemes, hopefully this will be customizable later on in the games development.

When you are making a game that is supposed to “feel” a certain way even a roguelike color is a huge problem, if it is too bright and you are trying to have creepiness in the game it doesnt work. One game that does this really well is the game Frozen depths




It has a very “cold” looking color scheme that fits the game, alot of blue and “cold red” colors. in my case I am making a “dark , unsettling” fantasy game, so I need a color pallet that is a bit stranger and a bit darker. So I am thinking greens, blues and grays.

I found  a great website,

Which lets you test out color schemes, and get RGB values.

What I have come up with now is something that feels a little bit more unsettling.

Much better right?

larger version

“The Hall of lies”


larger version

This is much “darker” looking then the old color scheme, but it is subject to change, what do you guys think?

Next up is to make fire damage have a special ability like poison damage does, then add a deterministic dodging system, and perhaps a stealth system.

Spacebase hub

So, lately I’ve been putting a-lot of work into derelict game’s spacebase df9 unofficial patch when i’m not working on school things.

And those of you lucky enough to find this blog post and also be interested in space base df9 will be happy to hear that version 1.08 is coming soon. I myself have been rewriting how the weapon system is handled, and have also been working on maladies most of the time.

What are maladies? Well “maladies” are diseases, that is essentially what they are, though the game itself  has a much broader idea of what “Maladies” are they are essentially a superstructure used by the game to impose challenge on the player and alter the variables within the characters themselves, it handles everything from injuries to the plague to parasites and the “Thing”.

Among numerous other  (also big) things the patch features many new maladies and the removal of most of the df9 maladies, a minor injury system, and a weapons trade inside your base, people can now come to your base equipped with weapons, they will use these weapons to defend themselves from raiders and trade for items they like, they are also used to defend characters from the player if the player tries to, for example,  execute them for whatever reason, people also will use weapons when they tantrum, the result? A base where people are far less likely to be murdered by raiders, but also far more dangerous themselves, that should be fun.

I have also added many new weapons, and melee weapons are also now a thing. And it is very easy to add your own weapons and maladies now as-well.



A new post is coming soon, with tips for dealing with the new features.


School Starting Soon, and Unity.

School starts back up on Monday, which means I will no longer be posting as often, I will still try to post once a month, kind of like this.

I started using unity, did the rollaball tutorial and I can see myself using it in the future, Roguelegends: Dark Realms hasn’t seen much work done on it beyond what I have already posted, but its chugging along nicely. I added more enemy “types” and new effects creatures can have on them as-well. More on that, as usual, in time.

I am uploading another small project I did a long time ago to my downloads page, a Life Sim, that aims to simulate a very simple form of evolution. So that will be up soon. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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