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Life Simulator

What have I been up to? (Thrive edition!)

So recently , I have been putting work into thrive instead of my roguelike, there are many reasons, first of which is that thrive is starting to take off, which is good, and the roguelike is still rather obscure (to... Continue Reading →

Spacebase hub

So, lately I've been putting a-lot of work into derelict game's spacebase df9 unofficial patch when i'm not working on school things. And those of you lucky enough to find this blog post and also be interested in space base... Continue Reading →

School Starting Soon, and Unity.

School starts back up on Monday, which means I will no longer be posting as often, I will still try to post once a month, kind of like this. I started using unity, did the rollaball tutorial and I can... Continue Reading →

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