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August 2018

Version 0.1.85 of Roguelegends: Dark Realms released!



This release adds spell descriptions and massively buffs almost every single spell:


It also adds the ability to “Desperately dive for the stairs” via the interact menu if its adjacent:



09 August 2018
Updated to version 0.1.85 of RLDR

Change log:
-Fixed: Fixed bug where stairwell did not have its name
-New: Added the ability to “Desperately dive for stairwell” Via the interact menu
-New: Spells now have descriptions which get displayed on the left side of the rune menu when selected. Among other things.
-New: Spells have been massively buffed.
-Cleaned: Cleaned up map code a bit more.
-Updated: Made engravings less likely to be of creatures, more likely to be of lore.


Version 0.1.84 of Roguelegends Dark Realms Released

This update fixes more bugs, adds more special rooms, adds more lore, and fixes typos.


06 August 2018
Updated to version 0.1.84 of RLDR

Change log:
-Added: New special rooms.
-Added: New lore, for new special rooms
-Fixed: Bug with librarian spell
-Fixed: More issues that could possibly cause crashes
-Added: New items
-Cleaned: Item gen code
-Typo: Fixed several typos, made corpses say how much food and water they are worth.

Im going to continue with a roughly weekly release schedule i think as I continue improving dungeon generation.

Released Roguelegends: Dark Realms Version 0.1.82



-New: Added barrels, barrels can be broken, and pushed and sometimes they contain an item
-New: Added a special room that is filled with barrels
-New: Added a special room that is made up of two rooms.
-Fixed: Numerous crash bugs
-Tweaked: Made special rooms double as common TO make the dungeons more interesting


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