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December 22, 2015

A screenshot

I feel as though you guys deserve some screenshots… making up for my lack of updates for so long.

A screenshot

This is a shot of the Message [L]og
As you can see, randomly generated vermin creatures work quite well… they all have different effects from eating/throwing them, this particular one explodes in a blob of fantasy-acid and melts skin.When thrown, and it makes you feel “uncomfortable” when you pick it up there are tons of different kinds.


So I have now finally started on equippables, before now, you could pick things up, throw them, eat therm, quaff them,use them, etc, but you could not equip armor, or weapons, this is about to change. In addition to equippables I am also adding item rarities.


About item rarities.

0 rarity, also known as “Common”, will be colored white in your inventory and you find these things everywhere, this is stuff like potions, food items,tools, and simple weapons and armor.

1 rarity, also known as “Rare”, will be colored yellow in your inventory and will spawn less, these are items like, non-unique magical items, and higher level weapons and armor and books.

2 rarity, also known as “Unique”, will be colored blue in your inventory, and this is reserved for unique randomly generated magical items.
I may consider adding other item rarities as the game goes on (and i will probabbly randomly generate even the less rare magical items, because that is how I am.) But this is a general idea.




As you may have seen in some of my earlier screenshots, all creatures have a massive amount of stats associated with them, this is not limited to monsters. The player has stats too.


It is at this point where one wonders, should I just make putting on and taking off items change the player’s stats?

Or perhaps maybe i should add an extra check for armor and weapons so I can have more interaction?

I’m not sure which one to go with, but I think ill try the simple solution first, more on that once i have tested it out some more.

If the simple solution doesn’t work I may also add alot more interaction in combat other then “walking at” the monsters, of course i could do that either way.


Until we meet again!

Happy rogueliking.

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